Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Battleground: Iowa

Iowa Family Policy Center, a conservative group thatbelieves their values are the only values, is calling on Iowa legislators to pass an amendment to the state’s constitution banning same-sex marriage. This is the first step toward allowing the public to vote on the ban in 2012, and if it doesn't pass pass the legislature in 2010, the earliest it could be on the ballot is 2014.

But with a strongly Democratic legislature, most conservatives agree--while stomping their feet and whining about immorality and morality--that there is no chance a gay-marriage amendment will pass the legislature in 2010.

From the moment the Iowa Supreme Court issued its decision to make marriage legal for all Iowans last April, Republicans have threatened to pass an amendment overturning it. In the closing days of the 2009 legislative session, both House and Senate Republicans attempted numerous procedural moves to force a vote on the amendment, including attaching it to a tax proposal and the state’s Health and Human Services budget.

Democrats successfully blocked the efforts. And just last week, Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal upped the ante by declaring in an interview with The Iowa Independent that not only will he oppose an amendment, he won’t even let it come up for a vote. And since the Democrats have a commanding 32-18 majority in the Senate, Republicans don’t have a lot of options to prove him wrong.

“As long as Mike Gronstal is the de facto governor of Iowa, there’s not going to be a marriage amendment, barring direct intervention in that man’s heart by God himself,” said Steve Deace, host of a Christian radio show. “Beyond that, like the Pharaoh of old Mr. Gronstal’s heart is hardened towards righteousness and morality, and it’s clear that promotion of homosexuality is something he’s serious about. He’s not budging, and the few of his fellow Democrats who might otherwise share the views of folks like me are too intimidated by him to stick their necks out for what’s right.”

Yes, let's call God into this, Steve Deace, and let's have God talk to you about righteousness and morality, and marriage. Let's ask God how he feels about some people trying to put down others. That isn't God, Mr. Deace, and it isn't Christ-like.

The last time an amendment banning marriage equality came to a vote in Iowa was in 2004, but, that year, 21 Democrats were joined by four Republicans to defeat it. Since then, the Senate has either been evenly divided or dominated by Democrats, a fact that has killed any momentum for passing a ban.

So, for those God-fearing people who wish to use their religion to legislate, the only way an amendment will ever pass is if Democrats are voted out of office. Kevin Hall, a conservative blogger and Republican strategist from Des Moines, says those who oppose marriage equality should be working to get Republicans elected in November.

“Republican leaders have already promised to make it a key issue in 2010,” Hall said. “Gay marriage is the key issue with the Iowa GOP’s social conservative base.”

Maybe so, maybe not. in recent polls, Iowans are almost evenly split on a gay marriage ban, with 41% supporting a ban and 40% opposing it. And while 43 percent say they oppose the Supreme Court’s ruling, a whopping 63 percent say other issues are more important going into the fall election.

And most telling of all, is that 92% of those polled say that marriage equality has brought no real change to their lives.

That's right. Ninety-two percent say life in Iowa hasn't changed since The Gays started getting married. The crops aren't failing, there have be no reports of locusts; the sky didn't fall and Satan didn't rise up from the depths of Hell.

Listen up, America, in Iowa they say gay marriage doesn't bother them.

In. Iowa.

Iowa? I love you.


Wonder Man said...

I knew this would happen

Mark in DE said...

That's why we will not really have equality anywhere until the Federal govt. legislates it everywhere.