Monday, January 04, 2010

Asshat Of The Week

Michael S. Lasseter, of Gainesville, Georgia, is the first winner of the coveted ISBL Asshat Of The Week, for this, our first week in 2010.

Doesn't sound familiar? Hmmm, an anti-gay politician? No. A child molesting priest? Not him. A dim-witted religious zealot preaching to the rest of us while cheating on his wife? I don't think so.

Michal Lasseter simply forgot his camera bag and didn't want to miss his flight. Or the football game he was heading to see. Yup, sometimes that's all it takes. But when Lasseter noticed the bag missing, while he was waiting to board a flight out of Atlanta, he decided to run past two security guards and down an up escalator, and then disappear into a secure area of Hartsfield International Airport.

His little gaffe in judgement turned what should have been a routine day at one of the nation's busiest airports into the most extensive security delay since 9/11. Lasseter's camera bag kept more than 10,000 travelers stranded for more than four hours. Incoming flights were delayed or canceled at airports around the country, causing backups from coast to coast. Delta Airlines cancelled 147 flights, and some 500 were delayed.

For a camera bag people, and it's asshat owner.

And finally, at about 6:30 PM, police arrested Michael Lasseter after guards recognized him from a videotape while he was trying to rebook his flight.

Michael S. Lasseter.

Asshat of the Week!


froggy said...

Some years ago (pre-9-11) we were at the Seattle airport. Eldest had lost his backpack and our flight was leaving soon. I decided to put in a report at the lost and found, hoping they would find it and we would pay to have it mailed home.
When I got on the elevator two other men got on. They were dressed in full bomb retrieval gear. I looked at them and asked, 'Should I panic now?' Oh, no, not to worry.
After I filed the report and got on our flight the thought occurred to me that the reason they were activated was by someone finding Eldest's backpack and the fellows were going to blow it up...
A week later we got the backpack and it was in one piece.

Howard said...

Again, people thinking the world revolves around them and screw the rest of the population reeks havoc on others. At least this one got arrested.

Froggy, your story is hysterical!

Paul Benjamin said...

Oh my god, i would've been pissed! I bet this guy doesn't do a very good job of taking responsibility for himself in general!

Stephen said...

Amazing story from Bob & amazing story from Froggy...
Bob, your outrage is contagious.

Lou said...

What a dipshit! Good job they tracked him down. Love your link thing at the bottom - I gonna go find me one.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

A perfect example of the "me" generation.


I bet EQ boot camp is out of the question huh?! that's all it takes sometimes...but not for this case~