Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still Talking Homo Weddings

from 365gay:
Openly gay state Representative Greg Harris has filed legislation that would allow same-sex couples to marry in Illinois.
In Illinois? Well, I'm sure Oprah and her husband Gayle are thrilled!
I joke.
But seriously, they are set to 'discuss' the bill in the Youth and Family Committee and a large number of gay and lesbian couples are expected to pack the committee room. You know the gays, we love to, ahem, 'discuss.'
Still, the idea of the bill passing is remote. Even Greg Harris admits it will be tough to get the measure to a vote in the House. See, two years ago he introduced a "Separate But Equal Civil Union Bill" that died when the congressional session was over. And, of course, conservative groups are already lining up for the fight.
Sanctity of marriage.
5,000 years of One Man/One Woman.
God Hates Fags.
Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve.
Adam and Eve Not Madam and Eve.
Blah blah blah.
You know the drill.

Harris' bill, which he calls the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act would “provide eligible same-sex and opposite-sex couples with the same treatment as those in a civil marriage.”
It has a nice ring to it.

And before any of you religious wingnuts gets your panties in a bunch, Harris' bill makes it crystal clear that no church would be required to perform or recognize same-sex marriages. So, you won't have to marry us, m'kay?

Greg Harris he hopes that even if the measure fails to gain traction this year, the debate will help advance it in the future.

Yes, it's the proverbial baby step, but baby steps are happening everywhere these days: Maine, Vermont, Wyoming; Arizona now has a domestic partner registry--which is like the gay know, when you come out, you get a toaster oven.
I don't know if I need a toaster oven, but it sure would be nice to use one when making toast for my husband.


Dan said...

Oh Bob - Living in the most liberal state in the midwest aint all its cracked up to be. Both houses and the gov. are "liberals" but they run from this issue every chance they get.

We will see!

Bob said...

But I like the idea that Harris keeps trying, and I like what he names his bills.
Baby steps.

PS what I wouldn't give to live in a liberal state--instead of a liberal state of mind.

Kevin said...

Well, you can send some of those "baby steps" down here to Texas, Bob... and a toaster oven. :-)

Joy said...

"PS what I wouldn't give to live in a liberal state--instead of a liberal state of mind."

Me, too! I get so tired of being surrounded by ignorant redneck wingnuts. Oh, that's redundant, isn't it?

Mark in DE said...

Let's all send positive vibes to IL for this! I want you to be able to marry your husband, and I want to be a bridesmaid!!!