Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yeah, I know! How stereotypical that I love the Oscars! Oooooh, that's so gay!

But I love the clothes, though I miss Cher in her headresses and Bjork The Swan, and some of those others who look like they were dressed by Sears, but there will be someone who will look the fool......I'm talkin' to you Gwynneth Paltrow. There will be others who look stunning....Kate Winslet.

And there will be boring acceptance speeches, and funny ones, too; and maybe some to make you tear up.

Someone will win something and you'll wonder who in the hell they are; or you'll wonder why your favorite didn't win.

But best of all, at least this year, is that the ceremony is being emceed by Mister Hugh Jackman.........and his Huge Ackman--special thanks to Jack McFarland for the line.

I have been saying this for days to Carlos and he ready to remove my vocal chords.

Huge Ackman!

And of course, I will be doing the intros for Carlos during the show. Who is that? What is that? Why is that?

I love the Oscars because I love movies. Movies are The Great Visual Escape, like books are The Great Mental Escape. And I love all sorts of both. Funny. Dramatic. Heartbreaking. Sad. Romantic. Thrilling. Adventuresome.

These are just a few of my favorite films over the years:

Diana Ross as Billie Holiday in Lady Sings The Blues:

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain:

Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond:

Helen Mirren in The Queen:




Beth said...

I love the Oscar's too...just the HUGE spectacle of the whole thing! and I LOVE me some Jack McFarland!!! "JUST JACK"...ahhh, that was my very favorite show. jack and Karen needed to ahve their own show!

I love how you have to explain everything to Carlos.................................I dated a guy named carlos once...well, I don't know if you'd call it "dating"...hooking up maybe, but only once. so I guess it was more of a one night stand. He was beautifula nd a good kisser but he had a baby penis. no joke. it was the size of a baby's. I just couldn't work with it. I wonder where he is now....


Kevin said...

(Laughing at Beth's penis analysis) Well, Bob - I think I'm gonna take in the Oscars for the first time in my life. I never have had the chance to enjoy them... either busy working - or busy playing.

So, feel free to post your show intros online in real time so we Oscars-challenged bloggers can follow along, too! :-)

Berry Blog said...

My second night with the Oscar's. Couldn't do it while teaching. couldn't do a lot of Sunday night specials. I love being retired for Monday mornings alone.

As you know I find pretty far out stuff so none of my personally nominated films ever win nor even get mentioned. If they do, they were before my time and foreign awards. I usually know some of them.if I don't know them, I always say to myself "Fixed" " Political win, or Sentimental choice how could s/he lose? S/he's practically posthumous NOW.

Berry Blog said...

Oh yah...I think Carlos has you pegged to a T. Whose the dummy around there. He asks all those questions, already knows the answers, but enjoys letting you be the expert.Good match.

Ultra Dave said...

I like it after the fact. the cliff notes version. Who won, who lost. My attention span isn't that long. Besides, it cuts into my porn time.

Constant Motion said...

I, too, watch the Oscars, usually. However, I wonder sometimes if the escape we seek to discover via movies, who is wearing what and who is dating who and other such trivial Hollywood gossip is so intoxicating, what hope do I have of making myself fit into a perfectly tailored suit and having my photo taken by people other than those who carry a gun and a badge. Hmm...what channel are the Oscars on again? Hehe

Mark in DE said...

Spouse has never been one to sit and watch awards shows, but after moving here 2 years ago, that changed. New friends invited us to their Oscars party and since we knew next to nobody, we decided to go. Tonight will be our 3rd time attending. Like you, I love movies, but don't see most of them in the theatre, so the Oscars are sort of like 'spoilers' for me. I rent most from Netflix because I'm cheap and don't want to spend $20. each time Spouse & I want to see a movie. Plus there's the DVD extras. Enjoy the Oscars tonight!

Joy said...

Mark, some of those bonus features on DVD's are like film school classes. I've learned so much from them. Others are entertaining which is good, too.

Bob, we could so go to movies together. I like all those on your list. Well, you know that. :-)

I've never missed the Oscars and look forward to them every year. Maybe I'll have a party next year. I thought this was the best Oscar show I've seen for a long time and that Huge Ackman did a great job!