Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey Georgia! You Elected Her!

This nut, Georgia State Rep. Charlice Byrd, wants to stop funding for university courses that she deems "special interest" courses; of course, since she is supported by the Christian Coalition, and other right-wingnut groups, we all know the special interests she's interested in are anything gay.

She says they're teaching male prostitution, queer theory and oral sex in Georgia--Woo Hoo! I live just down the block from Georgia!--but the funny part, actually it's more scary than funny, is that these nuts like Charlice Byrd and her flock, are no longer using religion, but the dollar, to spread their hate.

It's the economy stupid!

She doesn't talk about how God would hate the idea of students taking queer theory classes; she tells us that it's our money being used to fund these, as she calls them, "disgusting" courses. And she wants to fire all these "special interest" professors. That's right, in this "difficult economy" in Georgia, Charlice Byrd--Representative Dumbass--wants to lose even more jobs.

Right on the money, fool.

And, failing that, she wants the students who wish to partake in these "disgusting.....special interest courses" to pay for them; not the people of Georgia. But I got news for you, Charlice, any class that any student wishes to take to further his or her education can be seen as "special interest" classes.

Math is a "special interest" to a math student.

And what happens when you find out that med students are studying abortion or stem cell research? Will those classes fall into your "special interest" group?

What are you trying to ban next, Charlice?

How about banning narrow-minded-religious-wingnuts-who-will-use-any-excuse-that-crosses-their-tiny-pea-brain-to-spread-their-message-of-hate?

Yeah, I'd vote for that.

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mistress maddie said...

This stuff just out rages me. And I couldn't even watch the video,she looks like a wing nut!