Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Sarah, Still Stupid After All These Months

So, Governor Wink-Wink-Let-Me-Shoot-You-From-A-Helicopter is back in the news, but not exactly in the way that Mavericky Reformer Gal might like. No, PitBull Mom owes about eighteen grand in back taxes to the state of Alaska--yes, the very state that elected her Hockey-Mom-In-Chief--in expenses she charged Alaska for living in her home outside Anchorage instead of at the governor's mansion.

Apparently, Alaska has reviewed state policy and Internal Revenue Service tax laws to determine that the per diem payments Lipstick received should be treated as income. The charges came to light after What-Papers-Do-You-Read was named as Grampa's running mate way back in August. Of course, these per diem payments, and her non payment of taxes on them, only became an issue after Hockey-Mom portrayed herself as a mavericky fiscal conservative.

I-Can-See-Russia-From-My-House collected some $17,000 in per diem payments before she was asked to be Vice Idiot; the expenses were paid for more than 300 nights she slept at her own home in Wasilla and commuted 40 miles to her Anchorage office instead of living in the governor's mansion in Juneau. She started up again charging the state to sleep in her own bed after losing...losing.....LOSING....the election in November.

Governor Dimbulb's spokesman, Bill "I Keep My Head In My Ass Because It's Warm Up There" McAllister, said Wednesday he didn't know if his mommy, er, bossy, was still collecting per diem, or if she would continue to do so. He's her spokesmodel and he doesn't know what she's doing? Sounds like a typical day for Governor Abstinence-But-Someone-Should-Have-Told-My-Daughter.

McAllister said her taxes are a personal matter and wouldn't disclose how much she owes, but she would pay the amount required. I got news for you Billy-Joe-McAllister-Jumped-Off-The-Bridge-To-Nowhere (that's an amazing Bobbie Gentry reference for those of you keeping score.) Your bossy, Hockey-Lipstick-Dimwit's taxes are not a personal matter. As a public servant they are the business of everyone in Alaska, and as Governor she owes the state of Alaska the respect she demands of her citizens, and that is to pay the state the money you owe them.

It ain't rocket science.....oh, but maybe it is for you and the Mavericky-Mom.

But oddly enough, this Fiscal-Conservative-Numb-Nut-Fool also charged the Great State of Alaska over $20,000 to have her children--Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Doc, and Preggers--travel with her on sixty-four one-way, and 12 round-trip commercial flights since she took office. Numbskull-McHunter also charged for hotel rooms for the girls in some cases, and then had the balls, and I believe hers are lead-lined, to claim that her children were acting on state business!

Her children? State business?

In some cases where Governor-Who-Couda-Been-Veep-Lord-Have-Mercy-On-Us-That-It-Didn't-Happen brought her children, because they were on state businesses, the organizers hadn't even invited the brood.

Everyone on your knees and thank god/goddess/whomever that we dodged that bullet!


Kevin said...

LOL! Awesome post, Bob!

Bob said...

Thanks Kevin.
I am not now, nor have I ever been--or will be--a fan of Governor McHuntress.