Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pipe Dreams

Just an update, in the spirit of full disclosure.

We had the plumber out to take a look at the leak behind the refrigerator. We have a home warranty contract, so all we had to pay the plumber was $55, and the home warranty folks kick in the rest.

Nice. Right?

Well, the problem, although a plumbing one--as AssCrackCarlos called it--was also a refrigeration problem--as NotAssCrackBob called it. It seems that when the refrigerator was installed they didn't put the connection from the water supply onto the refrigerator correctly. they was something involving clamping, pressing, crimping, a build-up of all sounded too sexual to me so I got lost in a day dream.

I'm back.

Now, because it was an installation issue that caused the leak, the home warranty people do not cover that. I paid $55 to be told that the $55 won't cover it. Carlos, being the one of the two of us who likes to barter finagle and swindle, called the people who delivered the fridge to get them to cough up the repair costs. They, in turn, said they had installed the fridge nearly two years ago so they are not responsible--this, again in the spirit of full disclose was exactly what I said they'd say.

So, the plumber came out and did the repairs. New tubing; new clamping. One-hundred-twenty-five-dollars-for-ten-minutes-work-so-how-can-the-economy-be-bad?

We're all caught up now, m'kay?


Ultra Dave said...

Was the plumber hot?

Bob said...

Not even $55 worth!

Mark in DE said...

Nice little story, Bob, but I can top that.

The appliance repair guy called me today to say the reason why the dryer in the rental wasn't drying is because the vent tubing had gotten disconnect inside the ceiling. He had to cut a whole in the ceiling to put it back together, for the bargain basement price of $250.

David Dust said...

Darling Bob -

I am single, fat, desperate, and have no prospects of getting laid for at least the next few hundred years.

Knowing this, why must you toss around all this "Ass Crack" talk about your hot papi named Carlos?!? And then you have to throw in some pipes/plumbing/clamps talk just to twist the knife?!?

You are a cruel, cruel person Bob. And mean too. And not very considerate of your single-and-desperate readers. Did I mention "Mean"? But you do write well and have lovely grammar. So there's that. :)


Berry Blog said...

thanks for leaking the story to us.

Bob said...

Mark: Yup, we just have to bite the bullet and pay the price. Carlos is still up in arms about the $125 so I keep reminding him that we are NOT plumbings so we're at their mercy.

Dearest David: