Friday, February 06, 2009

Gary Ackerman. I Love You.


David Dust said...

Queens, NY in the Hizzy!!!!!!

Congressman Ackerman represents Flushing (Queens) and the surrounding area. Fierce.


Bob said...

I love his no-nonsense, you fucked up so just admit it or shut up, approach.
We could use more of that.

Joy said...

Love it, too! You know those people knew this was going on way back when. This guy told them, but why didn't he tell someone else? What about the "liberal" media? Yeah, right!

The Bushies and Hellhounds had a strangle-hold on everyone? Apparently. I'm tired of the Dems not doing more about this during the W days. They say it's because they didn't have the numbers in Congress. Well, now they do.