Sunday, October 02, 2022

The Funny Papers

Jack Ohman, Clay Bennett, Mike Luckovich, Benjamin Slyngstad, Bill Bramhall, Steve Benson, Tim Campbell, Ann Telnaes, Nick Anderson, Steve Brodner, Gary Parsons, David Horsey, Ed Hall, Michael de Adder, Matt Wuerker


  1. All of them are spot on, however, I think the one with Roger Stone has the red meat Democrat and Independent voters need right now.

  2. t_____ in his bed wishing he could use
    threat of violence in voting -not just after...
    xoxo :-)

  3. The last one, the woman whose head is exploding... that would be me.

  4. I imagine Ron DeSantis is going to speak a little nicer to Joe Biden until he gets his money

  5. Like Mitchell, I identify with the woman in the last one -- almost every day when I read the paper. I laughed at "things in Florida that still need to be boarded up."

    1. Oh, and Roger Stone -- what an awful, awful human being. One of the chief architects of our current period of political unrest.

  6. I doubt the women in the state I live will unite to do anything about it.

  7. Ha Ha: things that still need to be boarded up in Florida. All laugh-worthy today :)


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