Friday, May 07, 2021

If Thing #45 Was A Woman

Caitlyn Jenner is hot on the campaign trail, and just this week tried to spin her campaign is one of “the people,” so she took her message to Fox News, that bastion of journalistic integrity, where she spokje to Sean Hannity from her Malibu airplane hangar.

Nothing says she’ll work for the blue collar Californian than speaking from the place where she house her private plane.

But she did, and her main focus was wealthy people leaving the state because they are tired of seeing homeless people. Yes, she wants to help the wealthy stay in California but has no plans, other than moving them out of state, for the homeless.

This from a woman whose campaign slogan is “Caitlyn for California” told Hannity that “her friends are leaving the state” because of the number of unhoused people in California, and they are taking their private planes with them. Jenner says she spoke a friend who was packing up his aieplane hanger and moving out of the state.

“I said, ‘Where are you going?’ And he says, ‘I’m moving to Sedona, Ariz., I can’t take it here anymore. I can’t walk down the street and see the homeless.’”
Funny, though, that these wealthy Californians don’t see the homeless anyway because they are blind to the plight of any human being who isn’t a One Percenter.

Just like Caitlyn.


anne marie in philly said...

this bitch ain't fit to lick my toilets with her tongue! and her plastic surgeon should be sued!

Moving with Mitchell said...

She gets worse and more stupid all the time. CAITLYN FOR CALIFORNIA AIRPLANE HANGER. (Misspelling intended.)

Mistress Maddie said...

Fuck that hot mess. What a disgusting human being she has turned into. Im not worried she will get far, because she was already not well liked there. But still, how could anyone cast a vote for her, when she as already said she will support the wealthy? But their will be some fools who will vote for her, both straight and some of our own dumb LGBT, because she's trans. But just because she's trans doesn't automatically give this mess a pass. Go back to your realty show family.

Deedles said...

Ah, the 1% trifecta- tone deaf, blind and stupid.

the dogs' mother said...

Ah-mazing! Private airplane
hanger and the homeless!!

Bohemian said...

The Man met her years ago when she visited our Military Base when she was still a Man and she was a total Dick then, now she's just become a total Cunt as a Woman, WHO she is at her Core has never had a Change. She's just doing this Political Ploy for the Publicity, but after 45 actually getting elected and having a Cult Following, I don't discount any Moron rising to Power if enough Voters are stupid enough to put them in office. We've got too many unfit Politicians who've been elected already and are causing problems and wrecking the Democracy. The Top 1% has never SEEN the disadvantaged as Human Beings, just as Nuisances, much like they would an Animal that they become intolerant of the presence of. So they care not what Society would do to dispose of what they consider 'Problem People' they feel Superior to.

uptonking said...

Wow. Can the rich be more dense? Really... she doesn't see the irony? I mean, she has proven herself to be absent of common sense, rational thought or a thimble of intelligence... but to announce a campaign that's anti-homeless people... without offering solutions for the homeless is, well... what the Republican Party is all about. Republicans - too ignorant, bigoted, hateful, privileged, bullheaded, stubborn and self-involved to see what an embarrassment to mankind they are. Know what? Let's just stop working for them. Let them clean their own toilets. I am gobsmacked. Freaking gobsmacked. The audacity.

Helen Lashbrook said...

If the rich are upset by seeing the homeless, how about they club together and build homes for the homeless? And they could work on eradicating poverty that causes crime. That way they wouldn't be upset by seeing the homeless and less chance of being attacked by criminals. But that would require empathy so don't expect to see work on solving the problems anytime soon, either side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

The key to Trumpism is now what it always was: Be just a little bit better for the working class than the centrists, which isn't even that hard to do. Like, seriously, most of the centrist Dems were still living before the tech bubble burst, let alone 9/11, the housing bubble, and a dozen other crises. Speaking of crisis, their image of AI is still more "pre-Crisis Brainiac" than anything realistic. Moored in the past, they have no future.

Now add the expected racists and millionaires and you have a bizarre coalition, but one that can only exist when the alternative is that much worse, cheering on the Koch brothers for abandoning the GOP for the Clintons, who were always Koch moles anyway.

Friends don't let friends do Koch.