Saturday, May 01, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Kevin Spacey, former Oscar-winning thespian, current Hollywood perv, is, again, severely out of touch.

According to a new Hollywood Reporter piece detailing Spacey’s legal troubles, during a legal deposition, Spacey “sprung up from his seat” and performed a song-and-dance number.

Seriously. Sadly, no one had picked Kevin Spacey Channels Judy Garland During the Deposition on their Bingo card so there is no video.

But we do know from folks who witnessed the show, that Spacey’s performance happened during his legal battle with former employer, Media Rights Capital, who produced House of Cards, and are seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages they suffered after the allegations against Spacey came out. Spacey, of course, countersued, saying they owe him money.

Anyway, after more than a year of private negotiations, the Spacey case was submitted to an arbitrator in February 2020, right before the lockdown began. And, like everything in Spacey’s world, the legal proceedings quickly turned bizarre when Spacey sprung up from his seat and performed a song-and-dance number in the conference room.

No word on what he sang, or if he brought tap shoes but I’m guessing he’s practicing his fancy footwork as a way of getting out of this mess. Not guilty by reason of being a showman?

And this lawsuit isn’t Spacey’s only legal battle. While three of his sexual misconduct accusers have died—illness, suicide, hit by a car—he’s still being sued for sexual assault by one of his ex-acting students from the ’80s—who was 14 at the time; Anthony Rapp is also a plaintiff in that suit, and he was also 14 when Kevin allegedly assaulted him. And then there are the six sexual assault accusations out of London, where Spacey lived while running the Old Vic theatre. The Brits are still deciding whether to press criminal charges against him, based on findings made by Scotland Yard’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command.

I wonder what he’ll sing at that hearing.


In most of America when someone puts a For Sale sign in the yard, it means you wanna sell your house. But in Hollywood, people start wondering and gossiping.

Case in point: the recent story that 54-year-old director Sam Taylor-Johnson and her husband, 30-year-old Aaron Taylor-Johnson, put their house on the market is leading people to speculate that the Taylor-Johnsons are over after nine years of marriage.

Perhaps the rabid speculation spurred on by a For Sale sign is the relationship between Sam and Aaron. They met while filming 2009’s Nowhere Boy—she directed it, he played John Lennon; he was 18 at the time—just 6 years older than one of Sam’s children—and she was 42 and married, with two daughters. But Sam divorced her husband and started dating Aaron, and a year later they had a child together; 18 months later had their second child. And then they got married. So, she’s an older woman and she was his boss, so clearly there’s something creepy about all this and that’s why the rumors spread?

Or maybe they love each other and simply want to move, because everyone knows that, in Hollywood, if you want people to talk about your relationship ending, you take off your wedding ring around photographers.

But … but … if the story is true, and the couple are splitting up, and Aaron needs a place to stay, we have a lovely guest room here at Casa Bob y Carlos and it would take just a couple of minutes to move Carlos;’ things in there.

Just sayin’. I’ve seen Aaron fully nekkid in A Million Little Pieces and it’s spectacular.


Once again Tristan Thompson has been accused of cheating on Khloé Kardastrophe.

Who did not see that coming? I mean, Tristan began dating Khloé after dumping his pregnant girlfriend for her; and then he knocked up Khloé and cheated on her while she was pregnant; and now, big surprise, he’s accused of cheating again with one Sydney Chase, an Instagram model.

Sydney is either a fool, the dumbest woman on the planet, or just a ho because she claims she had no idea Tristan had a girlfriend.

Khloé, on the other hand is either a fool, the dumbest woman on the planet, or just a ho because she doesn’t believe he cheated on her,



Sure, these days you may know Alyssa Milano more from her work with the #MeToo movement, or her political Tweets, or her just plain outspokenness, but Milano made a name for herself on Who’s The Boss?, Melrose Place and Charmed.

So, recently, someone on social media went after Milano, claiming her career is basically over, and saying, “Sad how a washed-up actress is still trying to be important,” Milano was not having it. And because she’s the person who will respond to Tweets, she did so:

“I get a lot of those. Usually, it comes from people who identify as a different political party than I do. You see, I identify with the party who believes in equality and equity and opportunity for everyone, and also the party who fights for the most vulnerable and the marginalized communities. But beyond just that, just because you say something to be hurtful, it doesn’t make it true. I have consistently worked since I was 7 years old, and you can just fuck off now and move along.”
Zero fucks. I love that.

Simply put don’t come for Milano unless she sends for you.



Steve Reed said...

I think we'd be willing to host Mr. Taylor-Johnson as well, but you DO have first dibs.

the dogs' mother said...

A song and dance routine in a
hearing... beyond crazy!
xoxo :-)

anne marie in philly said...

oh damn, spacey is still alive. FUCK YEAH ALYSSA!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh, please! An Instagram model doesn't know what every Kardastrophe is doing at very given moment?!? Aaron Taylor-Johnson! That guest room at Casa Bob y Carlos is getting way too much business.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

". . . we have a lovely guest room here at Casa Bob y Carlos and it would take just a couple of minutes to move Carlos’ things in there" -- hahahahaha, this gave me a good laugh! But if Carlos reads it, you better sleep with one eye open.

brewella deville said...

That Spacey story is just weird. I've been through quite a few depositions, on both sides of the table, and never have I ever felt a vibe in the room that has been less than serious. That he felt like he could break out a literal song and dance, it just makes that creep look delusional or entitled, or more likely both.

Mistress Maddie said...

I always loved Alyssa Milano. She does more than many other I can tell you that. And just because she is not in the public eye, doesn't mean she is not working or filming things.

Does this mean Khole is going to change her appearance again????????

uptonking said...

LOVE Milano. Check her out in Netflix's sometimes cringe-worthy Insatiable. Her star power saves that series. I think the world of her. And she's still as sexy a ever!

Khl-ho-ee? Who? I don't... huh. Okay. Well. I don't know who any of these people are, but the drag queen in the photo on the right needs to stop using so much filler or her eyes are gonna pop out. (She probably looks at how many hits she's getting on Facebook and then asked him to cheat so people would pay attention again.)

Sam and Aaron. I gotta ask... would this be a story if Sam were a man. Seems rather a tradition for actresses to fall in love and end up in a relationship with their director. Oh, and if he does move in, Bob? You need to get your house fixed with cameras and get yourself a live feed! I'd watch that.

Spacey. Don't YOU think he's handled this WHOLE thing REALLY WELL? Don't you? Huh? Innocent people behave like THIS ALL the TIME! Well, he'll be singing a whole different tune once he's behind bars... mostly falsetto.

Thanks for the dirt, Bob. Nobody digs it better than you! Kizzes.

uptonking said...

Re: Spacey? Singing a whole different tune behind bars? I meant to say "like Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein!"

Bob said...

I will pass along your info to Aaron.

Spacey is spacey.

Alyssa Milano doesn't play. She slays.

I thought the same thing about the model. Puhleeze.
And, just to be clear, the guest room has a revolving door on it.

Luckily Carlos gets my sense of humor.

@brewella deville
I think he's way off his rocker.

I agree about Milano.
Maybe Khloe will start to look like that Instagram model to keep her man.

I love her, too. She has an opinion and a voice and uses them both!
Khloe is sad.
I agree people talked because Sam is older than Aaron, but you can't help with whom you fall in love. That said, "Aaron, we do have a guest room."
Spacey thinks the crazy card will save him. It won't. But he might get the led role in the Big House production of Chicago Big Mama Morton .. and so maybe this was his audition.

Dave R said...

That Milano Tweet was simply outstanding!! I should follow her for the sequel.