Thursday, May 13, 2021


Oy, the last twenty-four at Casa Bob y Carlos have not been fun. The shouting, the yelling, the sullen looks, the pissy faces, and that’s not just me.

Carlos recently bought an iPad Pro for his sheet music. With his eyesight, he used to have to enlarge the sheet music and then manually recut it into manageable pieces and tape it back together so he could have it on his music stand. But then he heard about a music program called forScore™, for people with low vision issues, that you can stall on an iPad and the sheet music adjusts automatically to fit the screen in a  font size he can read and will automatically turn the pages as he needs them turned. Win win.

But, and it’s a Kardastrophe-sized butt, Carlos is horrible with technology and gets flustered and pissy and sullen when he can’t figure it out. He likes to jump from Step 1 to Step 20 and doesn’t seem to realize you can’t.

So, yesterday I helped him set up his credit card for the App Store; I photographed it, entered the information, set it all up, showed him how to work the iPad. .Then he wanted to install Goggle Chrome; I show him the App Store, the search, the download, the install and Google was there. We then searched for forScore™, found it, and tried to download and install, but for some reason it didn’t work.

I had to go into work, so I told him to use the computer, go to the iPad site and ask them for help. At work, I asked three people about the issues, but only one had the iPad Pro, and he talked me through a couple of issues that might have affected it, and I passed those on to Carlos.

Later, on my way home he texted me that Jerry’s ideas didn’t work but he thinks he’s solved it—something to do with his Apple ID—and the proceeded to tell me that I hadn’t helped him and that I yelled at him.

Needless to say it was a pissy sullen night at the Casa. This morning, though, as we do when we argue, we had it out, and he seemed ready to listen, then said we should agree that we were both at fault, and told me he was still upset that I yelled at him, and so there I was, at 6:30AM, showing him what I sound like when I yell, and how that was not what I sounded like last night, so yelling was something I did not do. Flustered, pissy, annoyed? Oh I was all those things; and that annoys him so it’s a vicious circle. But, as we do, we talked it out. I again explained what he should try, and he again explained about his Apple ID and how maybe, he can’t remember, but perhaps, he thinks, he might have changed it and forgotten what it is, so he couldn’t access the payment button to get the program and install the program and use it.

And then it was over. That’s one thing I love about Carlos; he, nor I, hold grudges or hold onto anger. We get it out and we’re done.

Until he needs help with the computer or the iPhone of the iPad again ….

I don’t know about you, but I think Tuxedo is onto something here. Liz? If you’re reading this, give him a call.

I love the traitors and insurrectionist tools who attacked the Capitol on January 6 and come up with the most ridiculous excuses.

Some say it’s because the lying, twice-impeached, one-term loser told them to do it, while another says he watched too much Fox News and suffers from “Foxitis,”while another claims that Thing #45 was like Jesus and as a religious man he does whatever Jesus says.


In Good Religious News, Germany’s powerful Catholic progressives are openly defying a recent Holy See pronouncement that priests cannot bless same-sex unions by offering to perform such blessings at services in about 100 different churches all over the country this week.

Pope Frankie says relax, don’t do it, but German Catholics told him to bugger off.

In Bad Religious News, the Whitefield Academy in Kansas City, has instructed its faculty to expel out LGBTQ+ students or find another job.

School administrators distributed a letter for faculty members to sign that outlined their desire to oust out LGBTQ+ students and anyone that didn’t sign the letter was  not expected to remain employed; oddly, enough, three teachers that didn’t sign the letter will not be returning to Whitefield in the fall.

Whitefield Academy headmaster, Dr. Quentin Johnston, denied the existence of the letter, but did say that the school asks “teachers and parents to understand and consent to the standards outlined in our Statement of Faith and core documents” like listing “homosexuality,” “lesbianism” and “bisexual conduct” as “sexual immorality” akin to bestiality and incest, and saying gender identity and expression is a “rejection of one’s biological gender is a rejection of the image of God within that person.”

God is love, but the fools at the Whitefield Academy don’t know that.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger said this week that he warned House Minority Leader, and RepubliQAnon, Kevin McCarthy, that his words about The Big Lie would lead to violence on January 6:

A few days before Jan 6, our GOP members had a conference call. I told Kevin that his words and our party’s actions would lead to violence on January 6th. Kevin dismissively responded with “ok Adam, operator next question. And we got violence.”

So, now we know that McCarthy was warned and chose to do nothing.

A growing number of Californians oppose the forthcoming recall of Gavin Newsom, especially now that Caitlyn Jenner has announced her candidacy.

Just 6% of respondents said they supported the idea of the former Olympic gold medalist-turned-reality star replacing Newsom.

Bye Caitlyn.

Apparently two members of Thing #45’s family got “inappropriately—and perhaps dangerously—close” to the Secret Service protecting them while Daddy was president trying to destroy the country.

According to a new book on the US Secret Service—Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service—by Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, Secret Service agents reported that Vanessa, the wife of Junior, “started dating one of the agents who had been assigned to her family” shortly before filing for divorce.

The book also alleges that forgotten daughter, Tiffany, broke up with her boyfriend and began spending an “unusual amount of time” alone with her own Secret Service agent.

Is anyone surprised that this family would use the Secret Service as their own personal fuck boys?

More than 100 influential Republicans plan to release a call for reforms within the GOP alongside a threat to form a new party if change isn’t forthcoming. The statement, set to be released today, involves a “Call for American Renewal” saying it’s imperative to “either reimagine a party dedicated to our founding ideals or else hasten the creation of such an alternative.”

Some of the people allegedly involved are former New Jersey Governor and EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman; former Pennsylvania Governor and first secretary of homeland security, Tom Ridge; former GOP Representatives Charlie Dent, Barbara Comstock, Reid Ribble, and Mickey Edwards.

Sadly, or not really, this new party will splinter the GOP for years to come, and I ain’t mad about it.

Henry Watkins. Male model; he gives me sullen and happy and quirky and dreamy and pretty serene man, all at the same time.


Mistress Maddie said...

Wait....didn't you leave the details of the upset, yelling, shouting and sullen looks, with the hot make-up sex part?

I wish Liz would have done that, then maybe they'd see how childish they were. Nah, they wouldn't. They are a bunch of blind bastards who don't care.

I have a feeling Adam Kinzinger is next on the witch hunt.

I told you I don't think Caitlyn Jenner will even get out of the starter box.

I think a new party would be fun too. That would cause all kinds of chaos and split votes...neither party would reign .... would never get enough votes to take a shit let alone win a branch of government.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I have time for Kinzinger and Cheney, about the only ones in the opposition prepared to tell the truth and I reckon @MM is right about the next focus for hatred as far as the GQP is concerned

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Tuxedo is right, LOL!

anne marie in philly said...


henry in a toga - yes please!

the GQP is eating itself - GOOD!

Frank said...

I will admit that I sometimes find technology a frustrating nightmare. It used to be so simple...And Apple IDs are just another nightmare. Hub and I had ONE Apple ID years ago, then as we added devices we each had different IDs but sometimes they get associated with the device, sometimes with an email address or the Cloud, which neither of us use...on occasion we got NEW IDs when purchasing a device because we could not remember our password or whatever... talk about confusing.

Given Carlos' visual issues, I'm sure it just makes his frustration that much worse.

Dave R said...

Laughed loudly at the Tweet.

Not an Applehead here. The irony is Carlos bought Apple and then downloaded Google.

McCarthey is so deep in Loser Shit right now, the rest of his life will be nothing but a lie.

The GOP believes they can use Cailtyn as a tool without understanding most people realized a long time ago that she already is one... Tool, you know?

Deedles said...

Carlos, I feel your pain. Bobulah, Balder Half feels yours.
One would think that the Secret Service would have better taste.
I'm going to skip the rest of this and get straight to the meat of this post-Henry Watkins. I have cousins who are Watkinses. My late cousin Michael looked a lot like this guy, only with a rounder face. That's neither here nor there. The man is just yummy goodness and I wish I looked as good in my diaper as he does.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
I wish I could just beam
Youngest Son over the mountains
to deal with any computer issues.
xoxo :-)

VRCooper said...

Not so fast young man...I am always in the Carlos and Tuxedo corner...Don't mess with my people...XOXO

uptonking said...

Tweet. I have NEVER seen that movie. Never will.

Mr. Watkins! I want to dress him up like a Ken doll. And undress him. And dress him... and... my kind of love. Grr.

I hope the GQP destroys themselves and they splinter completely into nothingness. Destroy the GQP. They have to go. Every one of them. They are all evil people. On the wrong side of everything. If you place your wealth above everyone's health? You are UNFIT TO SERVE.

Secret Service Sauce! Oh, my. I wonder what Dumb and Dumber did with their hot daddies? Hey, you know Cokehead, Jr. wants it bad.

Caitlyn... I wonder when she's rejected if her fake face will melt? Let's throw some water on her and see.

Kevin McCarthy has proven himself a total tool. I can't believe he went after Liz Cheney... who I never liked, but I will take her and Mrs. McCain any day over the likes of two-faced, lying sack of shite McCarthy. I hope he gets his.

Religious blessings? A little like asking for a can of gasoline when you're on fire. Religious schools. Oxymoron.

Fox News? Horton Hears A Fool.

I hope Liz Cheney takes the GQP and destroys it.

Oh, dear. Answer: Moving furniture through doorways. Putting together furniture or a backyard shed. Planning a wedding. Figuring out electronic devices. Question: Name four things gay couples should never attempt to do together if they value their relationship. My heart to you both.

Thanks for the feed, Bob.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Well, you know how things are with Carlos, so... I'm almost certain there could have been some forgotten password or username. Glad things got back to normal. Well, until next time.

The Repugs are in disarray and I love it. I hope they all go to hell with IMPOTUS2. The sooner, the better. Liz should have followed Tuxedo's advice. Can you imagine? Delicious.

And Mr. Watkins is very, very handsome. Damn.


Bob said...

It was 6:30AM!!! Maybe we’ll do that later!

I don’t know if the GQP will go after Kinzinger because he’s a man.

Yes, as usual he is!

I do like Henry in a Toga!!

Carlos’ visual issues weren’t the problem as much as it is he wasn’t/wouldn’t listen, and focuses too much on the bells and whistles of the thing!! But, we figured it out, and he has his forScore on the iPad now so all is right with out world.

The GQP and Jenner are made for each other.

Henry is quite the dream.
Perhaps I’ll have YOU help Carlos with the iPad??? =)

I just think it’s funny that Carlos thinks I know what I’m doing.

Sadly, helping with technology seems to be our one hot spot for issues and short tempers.

The iPad works, the password is set, and the forScore is working. All is good,

Debbie said...

Spit out coffee here .... and it’s a Kardastrophe-sized butt. LMAO!!!

Bob said...

Well, that way you KNOW it's a big but!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

In our technological home, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And we both have a little knowledge. If SG is having problems, I stay clear... sometimes even when I immediately know the solution. It just pisses him off. And yelling is not allowed here, which means you'll sometimes see steam coming out of my hears.

Tuxedo has the right idea!

Henry Watkins. Yum. But where was the diaper runway show?

Travel said...

At least one of these made me laugh, mission accomplished

Bob said...

Here, Carlos thinks I know everything computer-related, when the truth is I am trying to figure it all out, and sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't.
And we don't yell either--at least never at each other--so I was shocked when he said I yelled; after I gave him a demonstration he understood!
Then yesterday we worked on his iPad and his forScore and got it set-up and working and he's a happy little queen now!

Treaders said...

Don't get mad at Carlos - I blame Apple! Their IDs are notoriously bad for coherence. Seriously, if I could NEVER have to enter my Apple ID on anything I would be a happy bunny!

Steve Reed said...

Jason Biggs is 43?!?! Christ!

I gotta say, I identify with Carlos and his frustration with technology when it doesn't work. I don't have a great deal of patience when I start struggling with passwords and installing apps. At least you guys have a pattern for venting your anger and getting it over with.

I hadn't heard the gossip about Trump's kids and their Secret Service agents!