Saturday, May 29, 2021

Goodbye My Friend

Our dear sweet feisty bawdy bold Anne Marie is gone.

Every Saturday morning, I would stop by her blog for the message and the tunes, and the dancing and the wisdom, and the jokes.

Today I have a song for Annemarie and because I am at a loss for words, and I will post a few of hers ….

rut row, this ought to be interesting!




GAYmen, bob!

come back when you fix up your shithole incest state, asstwat!

this bitch ain't fit to lick my toilets with her tongue! and her plastic surgeon should be sued!

YAYZ! halfway there! everyone needs a little prick now and then...

hang on, kitty! kitty, hang on! (sung to "hang on sloopy")


I like carlos just the way he is.


And one of the last things she posted on this blog ….

we'll be here tomorrow.

And she will be.

I am sad that we never got to meet in person, but I have the scarf she knitted for me, and the cards that she sent for birthdays—both mine and Carlos’—and our anniversary. My heart goes out to Todd, and everyone who knew, and loved her.


I will miss you forever.


  1. Here's to us ladies you lunch...and we have had quite a few boozy lunches.

    and you know what....I'll fucking drink to that!

    And what you said. XOXO

  2. She was a real livewire alright, with a heart of gold for her friends and allies! You picked a perfect farewell song for her.

  3. A perfect tribute. So sorry to read this news. She will certainly be missed.

  4. Sorry that Anne Marie will no longer enliven us with her feisty comments; the Dems have lost a great supporter

  5. I'm so sad and honestly just shocked. Poor Todd. And blogland will be a duller place without our Warrior Queen.

  6. Todd Gunther6:39 AM

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute. I will miss her forever as well.

  7. Now bereft of such a formidable, fearless and lovely lady, our world has changed. Jeez, already we miss you so much, W.Q. Thank you infinitely for having been here and given added value to our lives.

  8. A truly sad day for the world.

  9. My first three stops were all about the passing on Anne Marie. A blog are not she gave words of comfort and sense to all. But each blog a feel more sad. What a year.

  10. Loved reading the comments she would leave on blogs. I wish I'd had the chance to meet her. The kind of snarky fun she presented was unique. You picked a perfect song, too.

  11. i am so so sorry for your loss.


  12. AM loved your work,

  13. Hug to you Bob. I know you both loved each other fir just being who each of you are and each expressing what you thought. She’s still with us, especially when any of us comments. I need to comment more.

  14. Thank you, Bobulah. After crying on and off all day yesterday, I needed this. My fierce, foul-mouthed Carebear's greatest hits! Though never having met her, I will be grateful forever for having known such sweet soul (carousing with Maddie, notwithstanding). I will think of her often with a smile whenever I wear my Anne Marie original knitted hat and scarf. Warmest thoughts to Todd.

  15. The JoeMyGod community is in shock. She lit up the overnight chat there. If you feel up to it, please drop in sometime and share some memories of her. She is missed.

  16. RIP Anne Marie.

  17. I never interacted with her directly, but I was still so surprised to hear this news. She was such a no-nonsense presence in Blogland!

  18. I'm raising a glass to her tonight. I've shed a few tears and I know I'll shed a few more.

    You made me smile when you posted her words, though! Thank you!

    She will never be forgotten.

  19. Yours was a lovely eulogy; thank you for posting it.

  20. I “met” Anne Marie on Joe.My.God a few years back. I was immediately drawn to her harsh, unapologetic, all-in-caps cursing, since it simultaneously came with compassion and an appreciation of the absurd. I soon began searching for her commentary and was never disappointed. We chatted back and forth eventually, which made me feel incredibly welcome and safe...
    our last words to each other were 11 days ago. I’m so sad - but I will keep her spirit alive by dropping several MF’ing F-bombs in all caps when the situation calls for it, as Anne Marie always did. Much love to her husband, her cats and everyone else who is missing her tonight...
    In eternal perpetuity... AstroCat

  21. So, very sad. My condolences to you, Bob. Wishing you great peace. What a lovely tribute. She was such a fire. Hugs.

  22. What the fuck??? When, how?

  23. @Cool
    I think it was Thursday; I found out on Friday.

  24. I am barely recovering.
    I'm not good at losing people I care about.
    You are right.She will be forever missed.



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