Saturday, May 15, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

As usual, it’s taken Jennifer Lopez about a nano-second to end one relationship and then start another, but the shocking thing this time is she’s gone back to old fiancé, Ben Affleck.

Yes, people, Bennifer–who split in 2004–is back together and, depending on who you ask it was either just a sudden case of ‘I forgot how much I loved you’ or a month’s long plan in JLo’s mind before she sent A-Rod packing.

Leave it to JLo to have an escape plan.

Is it true love rekindled, or is it the result of Bennifer talking to one another for months before A-Rod was canned? Did JLo break up because he’s a cheater, and did they try to fix things while JLo was “talking” to Affleck.

Or is it just more media fodder for the girl from the block who craves attention?


From true love :::coughcough::: to a couple splitting up: Bill and Melinda Gates.

Although they announced their divorce last week, it’s rumored to have been in the works for a very long time. In fact, Melinda consulted with divorce lawyers for about two years before filing for divorce from Bill.

And while the couple hasn’t said what prompted the split, a former employee claims it started with Melinda’s “concern” over Bill’s dealings with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

This thought never crossed my mind, but it certainly did cross the mind of brewella deville of Fort Kickass who called it last week!



Even though the Oscars were weeks ago, people are still talking about how Glenn Close lost her eighth shot at the Golden stature, and suddenly, to sone, Glenn Close is a loser. Well, Glenn has some words on that:

“Who in that category is a loser? You’re there, you’re five people honored for the work that you’ve done by your peers. What’s better than that? And I honestly feel that the press likes to have winners and losers. And then they say, ‘Who is the worst dressed?’ And, you know, ‘Who made the worst speech?’ Forget it. It’s not what it’s about. I say, fuck them!”

Y’all better stop playing with Glenn. Remember what she did to that bunny.


So, one result of the pandemic was finding out that Ellen DeGeneres is not as nice as we were all lead to believe.

After her One-percenter whine about how hard it was to quarantine in one of her many mansions, people began talking about Ellen, and it wasn’t all dancing and giggles. She was called out for being cold and aloof and mean to her employees, and to some guests on her long-running talk show, and three top producers exited the production over ALLEGATIONS of a toxic work environment. For her part, Ellen says:

“When you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged—and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it’s just not a challenge anymore.”

I guess the real challenge was trying to revamp her image … back to being nice, and it couldn’t be done. And so, at the end of next season, Ellen is over.

Dance. Off.



Blobby said...

The JLo thing to me is just fucking sad. On many levels. How fucking low is your self-esteem that you MUST be tied to a man CONSTANTLY? And her choices - a steroided baseball player to a gambling and alcohol addicted "actor". We call these: choices.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Melinda Gates is no fool.

anne marie in philly said...

jello is an attention whore. period.
I've never been an ellen fan.
melinda probably figured out bill screwed underage girls.

uptonking said...

Ellen... so happy to see her go. Her man drag thing was getting old. Just harsh looking. And the show. Phew. Never liked it. Ellen is clever, but has never been a comforting presence. She has never 'worked' in front of the camera... too stiff. Good. We need a new face and some fresh blood. Buh-bye. But wait... I do acknowledge that she helped open doors and paved a way and took risks... once. Just once. And only because she had to because it was just a matter of time before the dirt hit the fan(s). So, thank you for that. Now. Buh-byeeeeee.

Glenn Rocks. 8 nominations? How is that losing at anything. She's a f'ing star, baby.

Melinda Gates... yeah. Anyone who would associate with scum like Epstein... AFTER THE FACT? Icky, poo poo, nada, dada.

Bennifer. Like herpes. The gift that keeps giving.

Thanks for the dirt. Kizzes.

brewella deville said...

Thanks for the hat tip, but I'm not all that smart or prescient. It's just that I really, really hate Windows and the whole right click thing.

the dogs' mother said...

Not happy with Bill Gates!

xoxo :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

I find it amazing that people were prepared to make such fools of themselves of the Ellen show by prancing about like 5 year olds

VRCooper said...

Some thoughts:

*JLo, everything and a bag of chips in her mind, should just stay at home and reflect...Her past choices of men have not all been all that great...Including Ben...Just be still, reflect, and move forward...

*Ellen, it is YOU!!...Can't be all smoke and no fire...If what is said is true, you treated people like shit and now you are crying victimization...You have been around Caitlyn J. too long...

*Bill, you are one freaky motherf....It's always those nerdy ones that you have to watch out for...Crazy in the sack...In various stories, I have read this has been going back way before he was married...Now if he was doing nasty things with the Epestien gang well then it is true...Money can't buy you, class...Just ask Jeff B...

Have a great weekend---

Bob said...

@ Blobby
I feel the same. It’s like she plans her next boyfriend/fiancé/husband before leaving the current one.

And she’s a very wealthy no-fool!

Jello does seem to crave the spotlight which may be why she’s always running from relationship to relationship.
I used to like Ellen until she compared quarantining in one of her mansions with being in jail.
Glenn has had a successful career and is still getting good roles so she has zero fucks for nonsense.

I was annoyed at how she spun it, like it wasn’t a challenge when it’s been a challenge for eighteen years until the truth came out.
You’re right about Glenn.
And apparently Bill did “associate”.
Bennifer. Seriously icky.

I dunno, you called it… and didn’t even have to right click!


Anything for a few seconds of fame, I guess.

JLo needs some alone time because she clearly cannot makegood choices and that doesn’t look good for her children.
Ellen rode the Nice Bus until it broke down and now she’s telling a new story that I am also not buying.
Bill and Epstein. Ick and ickier.

Dave R said...

J'Lo's on her way to being a bag hag.

So Nerdy Bill might be Pervy Bill?

Glenn's got class!

Ellen's never going to stop lying.

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

I never 'bought' Ellen, although I thought she had a great look going. Any woman in a position of power is going to get the 'bitch' label - I have no doubt she's unpleasant, the fuck what? She's the CEO of her own image and not everybody in her employ is going to love her to bits. Boss=harsh when ya gotta be. Jlo? Meh. Glen Close? Too much talent to worry about minor shit like award ceremonies. She's one of the greats and time will bear that out. Bill Gates? I lived a couple of miles from the dude on Capitol Hill in Seattle - he lived on Mercer Island. The goofy fucker would pull into the Dick's Drive in, order a bag of burgers, and then leave his wallet on the pass through. They'd call him, and he'd drive back and get it. This was back in the days when he still looked like his mother cut his hair using a bowl and pinking shears, though. I have no doubt that vast wealth tempted him into doing fucked up things, though. That marriage was always a rocky one. I hope that he didn't sully himself doing fucked up things - I thought he was a nice guy, really friendly and just down to earth. That was many, many years ago, though. Shit, the time DO pass.

Steve Reed said...

I must say, I've never watched Ellen (or followed this particular controversy) but I'm not at all surprised that she's harder and less "nice" than her public image. Isn't that true of a lot of show-biz people?

I imagine when you're talking divorce and you have a marriage with as many assets as the Gateses, it takes a long time to untangle it all!