Thursday, May 06, 2021


Last week when we got pricked—by an incredibly beautiful military man—both Carlos and I wondered if it would hurt. Neither one of us could remember the last time we’d been pricked, medically speaking, and so we were slightly apprehensive.

But it was easy peasy and over before we knew it, and then we had to sit in another room and wait fifteen minutes to make sure there were no immediate side effects. We took a seat and I glanced at the clock; it was 11:30.Okay, 11:45 and we’d be on our way. Carlos was sitting in a chair the requisite six feet away and had his phone out:

“Hey Siri? Set a timer for fifteen minutes.”

Then he looked at me and said:

“Did you ask your Siri to set an alarm?”

“No. I’m gonna go wild and just look at the clock on the wall.”

Several people in the room chuckled and I almost got up and gave them a fifteen-minute set. But Carlos got most of the chuckles because every so often I’d hear:

“Twelve minutes, seven seconds.”

“Nine minutes, 33 seconds.”

“Seven minutes, 54seconds.”

“Three minutes, 45 seconds.”

Gosh, that man slays me.

We have no idea how old Tuxedo is. When we rescued him from an animal hospital Carlos managed in Miami, he was a grown-assed cat, so I’m thinking he was a year or more. We’ve lived in Smallville almost fifteen years, and had him for about a year before that, so he’s seventeen? Just a guess.

And he’s getting older. He has issues with his kidneys and is on a special diet, which he actually loves; and he’s so smart that he will not even bother with the “other cat’s” food but will wait for his meals. He’s also lost some muscle mass in his back legs and so he is no longer a jumper. That cat that used to jump to a high closet shelf, a bathroom counter, a high bed, now doesn’t jump at all, and when he wants to sit in my lap, he puts his front paws on my knee and I hoist him up.

However, he still loves sitting in a windowsill on a sunny morning, and the sills at Casa Bob y Carlos are about 14 inches off the ground but even that’s too high for him; and, because some vicious person declawed him before we saved him, he has no front claws to help him up. So, again, he’s very smart, he uses his paws to grab the sill and then stretches his legs out so that his, what I would call forearms, are on the sill, and he lifts himself onto the sill, and then naps.

Breaks my heart, but he makes do, and is still a loving sweet smart boy.

What do you get when you cross a moron with a sexual predator?

You get GQP wingnuts Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene who are teaming up to start an “America First Tour” of rallies around the country.

Lock up your teenage daughters and get out your Moron to English dictionaries America, the loons are on the loose.

Until recently, Ohio was one of two states that prohibited trans people from correcting the gender listed on their birth certificates but those days are nearly over.

In a few weeks, the Ohio Department of Health will unveil a process by which trans people can update their birth certificates to reflect their lived gender.

It’s about time, Ohio. Now, the only state left in the U.S. that refuses to allow trans people to apply for birth certificates that are authentic to their identities is, wait for it, you know it, Tennessee.

In other good news for trans Americans, down there in Texas … yes, Texas … Jace King is the first openly trans teen in their town, in Texas, in the entire country, to become an Eagle Scout.

Jace joined a BSA troop in 2019, after the group began allowing youth of all genders to join. That inclusion made possible King’s lifelong dream to become an Eagle Scout like their older brother. But they had to work fast to achieve it before turning 18, and so Jace  did so, earning the rank of Eagle Scout, which usually takes four to six year, in 25 months.

Bravo, Jace.

More good trans news? Yes, please. Pennsylvania Governor, and Democrat, Tom Wolf has told the GOP-majority legislature that if they pass a ban on trans girls and women in sports, it will be vetoed.

And while the GOP has a majority in both the state house and senate, it does not have a two-thirds majority in either chamber, the required amount to override a veto by the governor.

Thank you, Governor Wolf, for seeing hate and discrimination for what it is, and refusing to allow it.

I like me some HGTV. I like seeing new ideas for things to do in the house or the garden, and so I was kinda interested to see Inside Out, a new show where an interior designer and a landscape designer work together on both the inside and outside of the home.

And I was especially happy to see the hosts, designer Carmine Sabatella and landscaper Mike Pyle, two beefy hot hunks of men. And my gaydar pinged a little though I couldn’t tell if it was for sweet talking Carmine or hunk with that smile Mike, so I went to my old buddy Google, who told me that Mike has a girlfriend—whatever—but Carmine has a husband—I knew it—the hottie below, Ryan Delair.

I was kinda hoping for Mike because, sheesh, that smile, but I could be the meat in a Carmine Ryan sammich, with a side of Mike.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, girlfriend of the twice-impeached, one-term loser’s son, Diaper Don, says that she  “knows” Vice President Kamala Harris is secretly in charge of the White House:

“It’s really sad, [Biden’s] way in over his skis. Kamala Harris is really the de facto commander-in-chief. She made it very clear. She’s calling the shots here, I know this, I’ve known her a long time.”

Yes, Botox Barbie, the stripper of the GQP, and perhaps Junior’s coke dealer, wants us to believe that not only does she know the Vice President, but that she knows the Veep is running things.

Hey Kimberly? Get off the pole. You’re a joke.

The adult children of the twice-impeached, one-term loser have cost taxpayers a lot of money over the years, and now we know from Secret Service records that in the first thirty days after Daddy fled DC, his children’s’ travel cost taxpayers over $140,000; that figure doesn’t include charges at family-owned properties where the demon spawn charged the US government to stay at their own hotels.

The reason these charges are different is that they all occurred after Biden’s inauguration, and, ordinarily, a former president’s children are no longer entitled to Secret Service protection. But the Grifter In Chief—who is one of the :::coughcough::: richest men in the world—extended the protection for his family members and three top appointees by six months, giving more time to funnel money to his own properties.

Grifters gonna grift.

Mitch McConnell said this week:

"100% of my focus is on stopping this new administration."

Which means he and the rest of the GQP will work to get nothing done about financial aid for struggling Americans, ending the pandemic, improving environmental protections, and updating our crumbling infrastructure, or anything at all.

Once again, they will do no work, but take their paychecks and ask you to vote them back into power.

Daniel Dexter is a model and an artist and an exercise physiologist.

I only know what some of those words mean, but I do know he is all kinds of dreamboat.

Just sayin’.


Mistress Maddie said...

I love Tuxedo this week as much as Carlos! I love you too though Bob!!!! Taking a prick is just like riding a bike though. One never forgets..

“America First Tour”? Will Taylor Green being doing a Jewish laser show for entertainment out her ass?

Ted Cruz might be the biggest colossal loser there is. Such a wimp.

Yes I'm going there. Kimberly Guilfoyle is a cunt. It creepy junior fucks someone that looks like step mummy.

I've been very pleased with Tom Wolf. Ill be sorry to see him go. I just hope we can keep the governor a democrat.

It's beyond me why no one has slipped one of the pills in McTurtles coffee yet to make him go into cardiac arrest.

Now someone go tell Daniel Dexter that Im here on my fainting chaise waiting on my back......

Deedles said...

You and Carlos made me laugh, as usual. Tuxedo made my eyes well up. I'm through with cunts and assholes, so I won't comment on them. Looking at that piece of young man candy I realize that I prefer something a little less perfect and young, except for Maddie's bodacious booty. That tweet!
I hope I can get away with cunts and assholes. I usually don't talk like that, but sometimes there's no other way.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Love Carlos. You know that I'll always side with him, right?
Tuxedo! Yes, honey. Getting old sucks, but you TRANSCEND.

The GQP is a clown car of fuckery. Nothing new there. And they've taken on Trans folk as their rallying cry. The gheyz are getting married now, so they're not as easily targeted.

That tweet made me LOL. Really. Pathetic sloth does not even describe Rafael Cruz.

And if you happen to have Daniel phone number, would you share it? I think I've pulled a muscle...


uptonking said...

Ted is such a fool tool. Hope he gets his. And he is just getting uglier by the hour, huh? Like he's morphing into the monster we all know him to be. Pathetic sycophant, dangerous and unfit for public office.

Daniel has permission to seek me out in 20 years. Although, at that point? The only thing I will want to do is slap his face. His pretty, pretty face.

I applaud McConnell's honest. He has no integrity, zero. It is the only good thing to come out of the orange ogre's reign of terror... the Repugs are reveling themselves to be the monsters we always knew them to be. Get rid of them all.

Just imagine all that the orange ogre could have accomplished if his goal was to earn money honestly instead of grifting? He's resourceful... in a bad way.

I saw Guilfoyle's interview. What a joke. Fox has nothing to work with so they put on coked out whores like her and let them say anything. Fox News has become such a joke. So... thank you Kimberly the Cokehead. You are doing the public a service by exposing Fox News for the useless bottom feeders they have always been. Eat Murdoch.

HGTV. Icky. Dislike all of it. It's house porn. Leading people to think they need things they do not. Those shows are awful and have zero integrity - especially when it comes to quality of work or the environment. Not for me.

Yay, Tom Wolf. Common sense rules.

Congrats, Jace. That is an amazing accomplishement.

Ohio... better late than never. Naw. Ohio still sucks.

Oh, dear... Matt and Marjorie. Pass the Kool-Aid. What a pathetic cash grab. Next they will be on The Home Shopping Network selling merch made in China. Poor Matt... you must be really hard up when your redemption tour depends on a sack of wind like MTG. Both dicks. The can F themselves.

Tux. It's hard when they start showing their age. Our dear Wonk is 21 and having a hard time. He's still relatively healthy, but his arthritis is super bad which makes him crabby. He has such a time getting up and down, we've devised little helpers throughout the house so he can get on the couch, a table, a chair, the bed... love them while they are here with us.

Carlos. So cute. He needs a spanking.

Thanks for the feed. Love it, as always. Kizzes.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm sure you know that cats can live until they are 30, which is a long way off and Tuxedo loves life living at Casa Bob y Carlos. As far as the jumping goes - he hasn't got arthritis has he?

anne marie in philly said...

tuxedo and my nyla are about the same age. nyla can chase gigi around the house like nobody's business.


we LOVE tom wolf; after all, we DID have (trans) dr. rachel levine as our state health director before she took a federal post.

Frank said...

So sick of the never ending political saga of idiot republicans and Magat commentators who have no credibility and the unrelenting physical, emotional and legislative attacks on trans persons. Here in what many consider a backwards state (NM) we got our vaccine super efficiently in a huge civic center, then received a text message immediately to start our 15 minute wait and another text when the 15 minutes was up saying we could now leave. I was impressed.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Bravo Jace and Tom Wolf.
xoxo :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

HRH had kidney issues in old age too and ate a special cat food I had to buy at the vet's. Hugs to Tuxedo!

And kudos to Jace King -- well done, Eagle Scout!

Dave R said...

Carlos might definitely want to give up his day job!

Just so you know, I had a diabetic cat that lived to be 21 years old.

Wolf is a great Governor!!

I've seen Carmine before, and a girlfriend? I thought you knew just about everyone starts out having a girlfriend.

Bob said...

Yeah, Tuxedo and Carlos are getting mad love this week and they desrve it; and me, too!
If MTG could shoot lasers out of her ass she’d be at the strip club and not in congress!
TedCruz is the most despised person on the planet, and desrvedly so.
And, yes, she is a cunt.
Tom Wolf just seems to be common sense, a raity in politics these days!
Bitch McConnell tried this same bull shiz with Obama and Obama got his things done; Joe will do the same.
Daniel is quite dreamy. I may share the wealth …

Carlos cracks me up.
Tuxedo, with his new stuff, breaks my heart, but he just keeps going and doing and being, so all’s weel for today.
Please, cunts and assholes are words you can use here! Heck, I do!
Daneil is quite the specimen, or speci-man!
And poor lying Ted always looks the fool, even sitting bnext ti the twice-impeached, one-term loser.

Everyone sides with Carlos and I’m good with that.
Tuxedo transcends. That made his day, and mine!
I am so sick of trans being the new gay being the new black being the new other.
Nothing screams sad like sitting next to the guy who called you a lair, said your father killed Kennedy and called your wife ugly, and being thankful for it.
Once I’ve finished with Daniel I’ll send him along, but Maddie called first dibs, so he may be nothing but a shell of his former self after that!

Ted is ugly from the inside out.
I’ve given Daniel permission to come a’calling in2041.
Bitch McConnell said the same thing about Obama, proving he will not work with a Democrat and should be removed from office. Fucking obstructionist turtle.
I just find it telling that Guilfoyle acts like a stripper and shakes her ass and her ballooned boobies at every GQP event as if being a Botox Barbie stripper is something to be proud of.
I get some good ideas from HGTV for certain things, but I do them myself so I know they turn out right …and correct.
You’re on point about Wolf and Jace and Ohio.
Matt and Marge should get a show on Bravo …The Real Dumbfucks of DC?

Tuxedo is still getting around and doing all of his things, but he’s just decided that jumping is no longer a thing.
We had a cat named Scruffy in Miami who was an inside/outside cat, and one day he came back into the house and decided he would never go out again and didn’t. He lived the rest of his life as a totally indoor cat. They’re smart like that.
You really wanna spank Carlos don’t you? I may have to get a paddle.

@HelenWe had a couple of cats live into their twenties. But we’ve had a couple that didn’t make it to ten. He doesn’t have arthritis, he was checked, and we were told it was simply an old age loss of muscle mass in his hind legs.

Tuxedo still works over Max but he’s a bit slower. But that’s okay, he’s allowed.

The lies, the blatant, unproven lies they spread, while doing absolutely nothing to move the country forward infuriates me.
And using fear, ignorance, of trans people as a weapon is low.

Yes and yes.

Tuxedo was funny with the new food; he loves it, and now turns up his nose at those “other cat’s” food!

Carlos has given up his day job, which explains Carlos today!
Yeah, Tuxedo is doing fine, I just feel bad he’s not the running jumping ca of before.
Carmine has the husband, but Mike, a hot baldie, has the girlfriend, for now.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Minus 87 hours, 47 minutes and 16 seconds... Minus 87 hours, 47 minutes and 17 seconds... Carlos is better than any hot man picture you share.

Give Tuxedo a huge cuddle from me (and some loving from the brothers grim at my feet).

I was pricked by a gentle, serious, middle-aged women. I'm jealous.

Bob said...

Carlos is very funny, and I find funny hot, so, yeah, hot.
Tuxedo will appreciate the hugs; he loves his hugs.
Im now wondering who will prick me on Round 2?

Treaders said...

He may be getting old (aren't we all), but Tuxedo doesn't have a bad life does he!

Bohemian said...

Ted and Loser look like they're on a Date... as for The Demon Spawn, the source of their entire existence is evidence enough that Demons Spawn Demons.