Friday, January 15, 2021

I Didn't Say It

Hillary Clinton, on removing _____ from office:

Removing _____ from office is essential, and I believe he should be impeached [And] members of Congress who joined him in subverting our democracy should resign, and those who conspired with the domestic terrorists should be expelled immediately. But that alone won’t remove white supremacy and extremism from America.”

Keep in mind this woman was investigated for years over some emails and the GOP wants to ‘move on from  a president who incites insurrection.


Jake Tapper,  host of CNN’s ‘State of the Union’, on _____’s apparent ‘love’ for the Capitol terrorists:

“The state of our union is utterly devastated after one of the darkest days in our nation’s history: a coup attempt, no longer bloodless, instigated by the president of the United States. The flags at the U.S. Capitol are at half-staff this morning for the police officer, Brian Sicknick, who was murdered this week, but they are not at half-staff at the White House, perhaps because officer Sicknick was the enemy of the terrorist mob, and the mob loves _____. The mob, by trying to intimidate, threaten, or even kill the vice president and members of Congress, who were counting the electoral votes—that mob was, in turn, loved back by _____. According to [Nebraska Republican Senator] Ben Sasse, White House aides told him the president was quote ‘delighted’ watching the insurrection. In _____’s view, they were fighting for him. _____ put out a statement, ‘we love you,’ he said, after the attack, ‘you are very special.' It might be difficult to hear these words, it’s difficult to say them because it’s so ugly, but it’s true. The flag isn’t down at the White House because the president is not mourning Sicknick. He hasn’t personally decried the terrorists in any way because the president loves the terrorists and he reportedly has not even spoken to his own vice president, whose life was at risk since Wednesday. The images of this attack are so shocking that many of _____’s enablers are finally, with just a few days left in his presidency, beginning to get the goddamn point that his continuous lies and humoring of racists and winks and nods to violent extremists are dangerous.”

Can you imagine a president, any other president, watching terrorists break into the Capitol, bust windows and doors, shit on the floors, terrorize on members of Congress, and be happy about it?


Bill Belichick, New England Patriots coach, refusing _____’s offer to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

“Recently I was offered the chance to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Which I was flattered by out of respect for what the honor represents and admiration for prior recipients. Subsequently, the tragic events of last week occurred and the decision has been made not to move forward with the award.”

Belichick has been a _____ supporter for years, but only now takes s stance against him? I guess Mexicans are rapists was okay, and kids in cages was all right, and Nazis are good people doesn’t bother him, but this was just too much?

You’re late to the party, Bill.


Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, snapping at _____, for possibly the first time ever, after IMPOTUS said “Antifa people” were to blame for the Capitol insurrection:

“It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA. I know. I was there. Stop it. It’s over. The election is over.”

McCarthy also told House ReTHUGlicans that _____ bears some blame for the terror attack and has accepted some responsibility, according to four Republican sources on a private call, but did not vote to impeach.

I guess inciting an insurrection trying to take over the government isn’t impeachable to THUGS..


Bill De Blasio, New York City mayor, saying the city will terminate all its contracts with the _____ Organization:

“Inciting an insurrection against the U.S. government clearly constitutes criminal activity. Our legal team has done the assessment. The contracts make very clear that if a company, the leadership of that company is engaged in criminal activity, we have the right to sever the contract. So, the City of New York will no longer have anything to do with the Trump organization. They have profited from these contracts. They will profit no longer.”

And while calling him a loser annoys the rap outta him, hitting him in the wallet will really drive him crazy. But he won’t be a crazy president, he’ll just be a crazy loon.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor, comparing the Capitol insurrection to the 1938 “Kristallnacht” attack by Nazis against Jewish property and businesses:

“I grew up in Austria. I’m very aware of Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass. It was a night of rampage against the Jews carried out in 1938 by the Nazi equivalent of the Proud Boys. … The broken glass was in the windows of the United States Capitol. But the mob did not just shatter the windows of the Capitol, they shattered the ideas we took for granted. They didn’t just break down the doors of the building that housed American democracy, they trampled the very principles on which our country was founded.”

If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Stop this now.



  1. Jake Trapper wins this week. Like he said...any other president did what he did...sat watched and cheered on I surmise....would have been called out and removed by democrats and republicans alike. I don't think people actually like trump the man. They love him because he let America open their Pandora box of true selves and views power and racism...with consequences. That why they like him. With trump as president...we have uncovered just how much racism bigotry and hate was had buried.

  2. Wow. Look at the spine on Kevin McCarthy. It would have been nice to have seen this awhile ago.

  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech was very moving and to the point; shame that the Repugnant party will not listen.

  4. Anonymous10:25 AM

    If Biden doesn't invite Arnold to his administration, he's missing a good bet. BOTH sides respect the Gubernator.

  5. I soooo hope the next week is calm
    and safe.
    take care, xoxo :-)

  6. if hillary had been in the WH, none of this shit would have happened!

    ALL GOPricks NEED TO STFU NOW! TRAITORS! SEDITIONISTS! LOSERS! except for ahhhhhhnold; what a speech!

    can't wait for uncle joe to take over!

  7. Oh, Hillary warned this nation and the world. And nobody listened. If I were her, I'd bitchslap a repug every day for life.
    Jake Tapper made me MAGAts maaaaaaad. I laughed. He's told it like it is. Now if CNN and the media would stop creating redemption narratives for the rest of this administration, I'd be happy.


  8. Lots of Republicans are late to the party in spurning Trump. But better late than never, I suppose.

  9. Not much of an Arnold fan... but well spoken.

    De Blasio... about time. Apparently being a racist and lying constantly are not a problem for the City of New York? But better late than never.

    Kevin McCarthy belongs in jail. He needs to resign. He's as guilty as the orange ogre.

    Belichick... maybe we can hope that people who have an above average education will come to realize exactly who the orange ogre has always been and what he has always represented. But I have family members lost in the toxic ozone of Parler, and they are reasonably educated... so, not holding my breath.

    Poor Hillary. Hopefully, history will get her story right. She was exactly what this country needed... and instead, we got kidnapped by the pussy grabber.

    Thanks for the news feed. Love it.

  10. @uptonking- Kidnapped by the Pussy Grabber! New bodice ripper?
    I have nothing else to say. I'm tired.

  11. @MM
    Sadly, those in the GOP are so afraid of _____ and the MAGAts that they scurry along like COVID -infected rat’s doing the bidding of terrorists.

    @Mr. Shife
    He scored very few points with that, especially then coming out and voting against iimpeachment.

    The GOP doesn’t get reason and intelligence.

    I don’t know that their agendas match too much, but who knows?

    Well, we’ve seen what they can do, so hopefully every precaution is taken. Of note, is that _____ will leave DC that morning …possibly with a full, stinky diaper.

    But Hillary would have been investigated for every little thing she did; they’re probably have impeached her if she changed her hairstyle.

    Hillary has zero fucks left to give, so I hope she comes for all those traitors.

    Yet so many are still carrying eater for him, and spurring on MAGAt terrorists.

    Arnold wasn’t my fave, but at least he steps away from the GOP lunacy.
    Kevin can fuck all the way off.
    Belichick is too late to be believed.
    As for Hillary, I blame many in the Democratic party who stayed home and didn’t vote because she wasn’t Bernie. They gave us _____.

    Upton has a way with words!! But the imagery scares me.

  12. I watched Arnold's speech on tv and I was pleased with the fact that he had the guts to go against the nutty Republicans who support all of _______'s claims. Jake Trapper was good too.

  13. Evidently McCarthy's also making a lot of phone calls since many corporations have stop donating to Republicans.

    Arnold's speech was simply great!

    Both Bills know how to hurt the Idiot Jerk! Way to go Bills!!

  14. Kevin McCarthy is a bit late to the party and still afraid to ring the bell. Bill Belicheck is a hypocrite. We knew Hillary Clinton was right all along; what a tragic why for it to be proven. Jake Tapper is exceptional at stating things clearly and honestly.

  15. 1) Belichick - this might be the first noble thing that this cretin has done in his life. This for Shaker Heights kid is going to give the coach some respect.
    2) Ahhhhnold would like a run at Kamala Harris' soon to be former seat when the election cycle comes around again. Of course he's too old, but he's waaaay smarter than that pile of shit Tommy Tuberville from Alabama.


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