Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: Forest Knoll Drive

I do like this one but, to be honest, the architects and the people writing about the house have lost their damn minds.

Forest? Maybe a few centuries ago; now? Not so much. Knoll? That doesn’t look like a small grassy hill. And they’re calling it a “Modern American Farmhouse” …on a mountainside overlooking downtown Los Angeles from Beverly Hills. And then, right after calling it a farmhouse, they say it was “inspired” by Louis Kahn’s redesign of the Kimbrell Art Museum.

Lost their damn minds. But still, the house, all 11,000 square feet, six bedrooms and nine bathrooms of it, is stunning. The home takes the shape of three parallel gabled volumes with stairs between each of them; and each volume houses different essential spaces and all three open up to an outdoor patio and pool area overlooking LA.

The double-height middle volume, which houses an expansive living and dining rooms, was conceived as a singular great room. The pitch of its ceiling guides the eye toward the expansive windows at the rear of the house, the pool and the view beyond.

The entry to the home is located at the opposite end of this volume, and marked by olive trees flanking the travertine pathway that leads from a cobblestone motor court. Have I always wanted a motor court, or have I just decided I want one?

The other two volumes of the home are divided into two stories, with white oak accented bedrooms and marble clad bathrooms on the upper story, giving these rooms a sense of privacy and quiet while allowing the lower story to enjoy unmitigated views. A subtle nod to the vernacular barn—wait … it’s a barn, too?—the white oak paneled walls guide the eye outward.

It’s simple, yet extravagant; a farmhouse, but a barn; an art museum, but  home. Whatever it is, it’s sleek and clan and gorgeous.

And on the market for $28,500,00.

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Agnes Goldberg-DeWolfs said...

Too modern for us...but no denying its stunning.

Mistress Maddie said...

I'm not sold on LA.... Actually despise LA...but the home is incredible. I love the design of the modern farmhouse look and those views....but the clean lines indoors, the wood..bright and finished and the other textures sold me. The bath alone i could live it....but with my design background the kitchen would have to be warmed up and more inviting....its to cold and clinical. A kitchen should be warm and welcoming. But then again we could all hang out nude at the pool right?

the dogs' mother said...

As usual loverly views.

Fearsome Beard said...

Stunning! I’d live there.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

They're delusional. But that's how real estate people write. Whatever. I believe my eyes.
Now, the house is stunning. I cannot even imagine how much it is (and how much it would be the upkeep). I find the interiors super sleek but inviting. Love the lack of clutter and those ceilings!!!
I'm with Maddie. I'm not crazy about LA....


Bob said...

I do like some modern, but I agree with you, it is stunning.

I'm with you about LA.I loathe LA. And if they had a fabulous outdoor kitchen ...?

My small but very real fear of heights would take issue with the cantilevered pool hanging over the hillside.

I like the shape of it, but agree with Maddie about some coldness, too.

Maybe you, MM and I could have one built on this coast ... or in the Blue Ridge Mountains ...?

uptonking said...

Love it. Breathtaking.

Mistress Maddie said...

I know a good lumber guy. I bet he would give me a good price of his wood.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Grand, impressive, breathtaking views, great setting for a pool, beautiful wood used. But too institutional for my tastes. And price and size are obscene.

Travel said...

I'd need to change some of the furniture, but I could live there

Bob said...

It is, but could you live there??

Of course you do! =)

I'd be happy living in just one of the three barn-like structures!

So, you'll chip in with Six, and Maddie and me, to have one built on this side of the country???

whkattk said...

I love the interior, but it rather sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn't it? Frank Lloyd Wright would have a thing or two to say about that. LOL

SickoRicko said...

Very beautiful!