Monday, July 25, 2016

The Funny Papers ... Around The World

The other morning, as I was posting The Funny Pages to my blog, Carlos suggested I post political cartoons from around the world that show what some other folks — besides us and U.S. — think of [t]Rump.

I politely told Carlos to get his own blog … and then I found this:

The foreign press from around the world and their views of [t]Rump. Some are funny, some are high-larious, some are scary … none of them seem to be on his side.

So, in no particular order, here they are …

Bulgaria By Christo Komarnitski

United Kingdom By Ralph Steadman of New Statesman

Austria by Petar Pismestrovic of Kleine Zeitung

Canada By Micheal De Adder of the Halifax Chronicle Herald

United Arab Emirates By Paresh Nath of The Khaleej Times

France By Plantu of L’Express 
Note that this one isn’t against just [t]Rump; that’s Hillary Clinton on the left. The cartoon insinuates that Trump is in the race just to make sure Clinton has an easy win in November.
The phrase translates to “Toward an eclipse of the moon” and refers to the legend that lunar eclipses—Blood Moons—are bad luck and how we could avoid the bad luck of [t]Rump by voting Clinton.

Australia By David Rowe of Financial Review

Scotland By Bryan Adcock of The Independent

Jordan By Emad Hajjaj

Ireland By Dan Murphy

Cuba By Ramses Morales

The Netherlands By Joep Bertrams

Which is your favorite?


anne marie in philly said...

they ALL are worthy of praise...the netherlands says it best.

the dogs' mother said...

Jordan. Tell Carlos that was a great idea! xxoxoxo

krayolakris said...

Ireland tied with Canada, but they are all great. Thx for sharing!

mistress maddie said...

I can't pick.....their all good and very funny. Meanwhile I have a friend in England, and one Brazil. Both have told me in no uncertain term that both trump and Hillary are complete idiots and crooks. WELL!

Sadie J said...

They're all great, but I think Canada and Cuba both hit a note for me.

Professor Chaos said...

Canada nailed it!

Helen Lashbrook said... a cartoon on a similar theme to join your selection of very pointed anti-Trump cartoons