Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day Two: The Republican National Clusterf**k

So, it wasn’t a night of touting the good points of the GOP—hint: there aren’t any—it was a night of kissing Daddy’s ass, or better still, his bank account, and putting Hillary Clinton on trial.

At least there was no plagiarism … let’s start with [t]Rump Jr.

He painted his dad as having fought his way from Queens to Manhattan — across a bridge … what a hero — to change the skyline of New York.

Um, I don’t think so; and how exactly did he make his way to Manhattan? In a limo paid for by the millions his Daddy gave him? Donald [t]Rumps story isn’t the story of the poor man who made good, it’s the story of the rich man who got richer, AKA the pride of the GOP.

But what I loved most is Rump Jr., the son of a billionaire, whose every wish was granted, whose every bit of schooling was bought and paid for by Daddy, whose very employment is at the whim of Daddy, is telling anyone what it's like to be middle class and what his Daddy will do for the Middle class.

Let’s see … he’s hired millions of Chinese people to make his shirts.

Sit down, Junior. Your speech fed Daddy’s ego … the check is in the mail.

Sidenote: is it me or does it seem like he ripping off a Black power salute? White Power? Rich White Man's Son Power? And let's not get started on his Crazy Eyes.

The theme of the night was supposed to be “Make America Work Again.” I had to laugh; this from the GOP which has failed for the last six or eight years to pass a jobs bill.

Huh? UFC Chairman Dana White, talked about how [t]Rump helped him build his business from a niche sport to a global brand, and then small businessman Andy Wist said [t]Rump supports small business though he never seemed to make his point.

So, there was almost no discussion of the economy because when you got nothin', you say nothin'.

The Rudy Giuliani Mad Man Speech was given last night by New Jersey Governor, and failed presidential candidate, [t]Rump lapdog, wannabe Veep until Rump sent him back to the jet, Chris Christie who broke away from the buffet table long enough to goad the Clusterf**k crowd into chanting "lock her up" as he waged a "mock trial" against Hillary Clinton.

This from a man who himself is facing legal woes over the "Bridgegate" scandal over the politically motivated lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

Christie brought up EmailGate and the crowd went wild.

I wonder what they would scream if they used their wee pea brains to recall that Krispy Kreme is accused of deleting texts, deleting emails from private accounts and losing his cell phone that allegedly contained information about whether the governor directed his staff to close lanes on the major artery connecting New Jersey and New York.

Oops. Pot.Kettle.STFU.

Lastly, we had Little Tiffany Trump who told us her Daddy was nice, her daddy was sweet, her Daddy was fair, and that people like her Daddy.

It was less a political speech than an audition from some future Bravo “reality” show … Marla and Tiffany Do Dallas? 

It was not at all about what the GOP, and a President Rump will do for America, but more of a We Don’t Like Hillary Slamfest … but when you got nothin’ to say, and you’re the GOP, you slam the other side.


Frank said...

As I posted on Facebook: We can all exchange news and video of the worse of Trump, Pence and the Republican Disaster Party, point out the lies, plagiarism, discord, horror stories, and every anti-LGBT policy that they espouse. I've done it and probably will continue to do so. We can feel good and even have fun and chuckles doing it.

BUT - we are, as the cliche goes, "preaching to the choir" and the other choir is adamantly not hearing it. There is really little we can do to change the minds of the kool-aide drinkers who are drunk with Trump.
Our only hope is to turn out more voters for Hillary and every other Democratic candidate than the Republicans.

This means ALL BERNIE SUPPORTERS must turn out for Hillary and all Independent voters must be educated about the dangers of electing Trump: his bizarre ideas on foreign policy; the reversal of all LGBT rights, including marriage; economic fantasies; disasters for the poor and ethnic, racial and religious minorities, etc.

We need to turn our attention to getting all of our allies REGISTERED TO VOTE!
And we must target our most convincing arguments toward Independents, Bernie supporters, and third party supporters.

Lets not just share the dirt...lets convince our allies that THEIR VOTES ARE ESSENTIAL AND CRITICAL.

Chris said...

I think that Jr looks like a very unhappy man even though Daddie has made him a VP of one of the companies at a very nice salary (no middle class values here). Reminds me of another unhappy man who follows daddy with a legal pad and pen so he can remember all the crap daddie wants him to do. Jr is not a good role model for elder sons as he obviously never allowed to be himself and all the rebellion he might have had is long gone. Poor man --

the dogs' mother said...

So nice of Tiffany to praise the man who chose to
stay married to her mother for a brief six years.

mistress maddie said...

A joke all the way around! I will say Melania is very pretty but can't speak worth hell. And Tiffany?!!? Never even saw her before. Sort of tarty looking no? This is just one wealthy family wanting the white house, just because they can. Wouldn't surprise me if daddy paid them a big allowance to speak at this train wreck.

anne marie in philly said...

@frank - this bernie supporter is turning out for HRC because the GOP asshat will destroy this country.

tiffany is a dumb blond; I don't give 6 shits if she graduated from UofP, she's still a dope. she could take a few lessons from chelsea clinton.

and junior needs to siddown and STFU and let the grownups talk.

and christie needs to stuff a few more krispy kremes in his fat mouth so we can't hear him lie.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I could not believe when I saw that some Bernie supporters were prepared to vote Trump because the voters were cruel enough not to choose their old white man, who had some good ideas. I'm preparing to vote against another old white man on this side of the pond