Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Bring Your Assault Weapon To The GOP Convention, But Not Your Super Soaker

The GOP … what are they thinking?

I kid; they don’t think. And that is clearly evident by the fact that at this year’s Republican National Convention protestors can come armed … just not with water pistols and Super Soakers.

Yup, the GOP said you can bring your guns and rifles and assault weapons to the protest but no water pistols … or soda cans … glass bottles … tennis balls … umbrellas with metal tips and “any projectile launcher” like BB guns, paintball guns and water guns.
“Hey there! You with the umbrella! Halt!”
And yet a loaded gun is fine. I guess it makes sense; I mean, do you really want someone with a water pistol taking aim at that Tabby Cat that sits atop the [t]Rump’s melon and shooting it off?

Still, guns are fine … loaded guns even … since Ohio is an open-carry state that has no ban on assault weapons, so long as they are legally obtained and don’t fire more than 31 cartridges without reloading. You know, it’s illegal to kill 31 people with your assault weapon unless you have stop before taking aim at the next 31 and reload your weapon.

Tim Selaty, director of operations at Citizens for Trump, who is an obvious moron, put it this way:
“You can take my string and you can take my duct tape, but you can’t take my gun — it’s open carry.”
That makes sense because remember when that lunatic walked into that theater in Colorado and killed all those people with string … or the guy who used duct tape to murder people in that church in Charleston?

That’s the GOP; that’s the NRA; that’s what we’ll get if people don’t Vote Blue.

Now, to be fair, since [t]Rump, for the time being until his campaign implodes and he becomes the Biggest Loser in November, is under Secret Service protection, guns of any kind will not be allowed inside the arena; the Secret Service calls that area a “protected site” where only law enforcement officers can carry guns — but even some gun zealots have fought that rule.

Seriously. But, remember, guns don’t kill people, the GOP in the back-pocket of the NRA and the NRA, kill people.


mistress maddie said...

I would say I'm shocked but.......and even better.....its even Cleveland. Nothing they do shocked me anymore. Just remember, elections are coming........

the dogs' mother said...

In the last month I have, for the first time ever, seen two men with pistols at their sides. In a mini-mail place and coming out of our grocery store. Scared the heck out of me!

Travis Crockett said...

Bering your ass hat ... but leave your brain at home.

mistress maddie said...

@At the Dogs Mother- next thing you know designers will be having runway shows for the seasons latest holsters

the dogs' mother said...

ak! ak! ak! :-)

anne marie in philly said...

sure, cause water can kill ya, but guns are harmless.


Sadie J said...

If I ever see someone toting a gun in a public place, I'm turning around and heading back out the door. Not hanging around to see which are the "good guys" and which aren't!

Helen Lashbrook said...

The first time I saw guns being openly carried in the street (in France where the police carry guns) my stomach turned. In the UK the only places you are likely to see armed police are at airports and possibly train stations like Waterloo (not sure on that so don't hold me to it).

Mitchell is Moving said...

I'm speechless. I wish all the asshats were the same.