Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day Two: Democratic National Convention ... Or ... A Woman's Place Is In The House ... The White House

I’ll keep it simple: the Democratic Party made history again last night with the first woman to be nominated by a major party for President of the United States.

Think on that … 240 years in and this is the first woman ever nominated.

And it comes on the heels of eight years of America’s first Black president, Barack Obama.

I won’t even comment how this speaks volumes about the differences between the two major parties … except that one is making history while the other wants to take us back … somewhere.

After formally voting to nominate Hillary Clinton, the nominee made a surprise appearance by breaking that glass ceiling once and for all — though the next step is to see her on the Capitol steps next January — and speaking briefly about this historic vote, and historic moment for America, and American women.

I’ve been saying for years that we’ve had rich white men screwing up this country for over 200 years, so let’s give a woman a shot and here we are.

But, before the shattering, we had former President, and future First Gentleman, Bill Clinton, offering an intimate tribute to his wife, telling us about their meeting and their courtship and their marriage.
"In the spring of 1971, I met a girl ... "
A lot of people have said things about Bill Clinton’s infidelities, and what kind of marriage the Clinton’s have, and no one really knows except the Clintons, but I will say this:  they’ve been married forty-one years, stood side-by-side during all the things thrown at them, and managed to raise a remarkable young women in Chelsea.
"I've lived a long, full, blessed life. It really took off when I met and fell in love with that girl."
But, while Bill got all personal, he also managed to talk about Hillary’s “grit”, about [t]Rump being the status quo — rich get richer and nothing else gets done — and continued change with Hillary. He asked that we, well, you, some of you, forget about the cartoon of Hillary offered up by the GOP and see her for what she is and for what she’s done in service to this country.
"Some people say she's been around a long time and she sure has and she's been worth every single year of making people's lives better."
That counts for something, [t]Rump, service to the country. And it counts that she has plans and ideas and not just vague promises about walls and deportations and such; she wants change …
"She's the best darn change-maker I've ever met in my entire life … [and] … a real change maker represents a real nominated the real one."
And he made us a promise, one that I have seen in Hillary Clinton since way back in the day:
"She will never quit when the going gets tough. She will never quit on you."
Think of all that’s been thrown at her; the accusations, the innuendos, the outright lies, and yet nothing comes of it; think of all of those investigations into every bit of her life, think of the millions spent trying to discredit her and nothing’s come of it—oh, except that maybe, maybe, she was a little reckless in her emailing ways –as were Rice and Powell before her but no one cares about them; think of all those Benghazi investigations, think of her testifying, of looking the GOP in the eyes and standing firm, and then nothing comes of it.

She never quit.

And think of it like this …

Donald [t]Rump has heaped praise on people like Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein, and as former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, said:
“Putin is eager to see Trump win and that should worry every American.”
Think about this …

Lucia McBath, the mother of a black teenager in Florida who was shot and killed by a driver after an argument over loud music:
 “The majority of police officers are good people doing a good job and we’re also going to keep using our voices and our votes to support leaders like Hillary Clinton, who will help us protect one another so that this club of heartbroken mothers stops growing.”

Hillary Clinton wants change; she wants to fix what’s broken between our police force and the Black community. She doesn’t lay blame, she wants solutions.

And then what about that “revolution”? After that historic roll-call vote dozens of Sanders supporters stormed out of the hall to take refuge in one of the media tents where they vented and ranted and raged about the party’s nominee.

Inside the hall, though, there were no boos and no shouts; sure, Hillary could lean a little more to the left, and I think she might, with Bernie Sanders with her, with Elizabeth Warren with her. But isn’t it better to have Hillary in office, working with the people you like, that having some bloated bigot talking about walls with his tiny hands?

Can you lay your head on the pillow at night, knowing that, by not voting, or even, goddess forbid, voting for someone else, you elected [t]Rump as president?

Just remember what Bill said:
She’ll never quit.


Michael Dodd said...

Everyone, I guess, deserves fifteen minutes to express disappointment. And yes, the world is not fair and we all know that.

Let's hope, though, that after they cool down, they know that they do not have the right to act self-righteous and thus to impose a (t)Rump presidency on the children of this nation, or on the women, the elderly, the poor, the struggling middle class. Or for that matter, on the rest of the world that looks to us for so much better.

mistress maddie said...

Last night was good. And it will get even better tonight.

the dogs' mother said...

I am impressed, by any public, famous figure(s) who can raise
a child in the crazy world they live in and have them turn
out to be someone that you could be friends with.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I hope it continues (and I can say that in Spanish now, too; I've been learning the "subjunctive" tense).

anne marie in philly said...

bubba clinton and cecile richards RULE!

MMTampa said...

It would be nice if Jimmy Carter spoke - since no previous Republican Presidents spoke at that sh*tshow. Kind of wondering if he is okay.

MMTampa said...
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Helen Lashbrook said...

Those Bernie supporters planning on voting Trump should look at the Brexit vote where people voted against their own interests just to show 'them' and now deeply regret the mess they've laid on us. Vote Hilary, you know it makes sense....for yourselves as well as the rest of the world