Thursday, July 07, 2016

Judge Aaron Persky Gave Harsher Sentence To Hispanic Rapist Than He Did To Brock Turner

Judge Aaron Persky, the judge who sentenced convicted rapist and Stanford athlete Brock Allen Turner to just six months in jail — and he’ll serve about 12 weeks — apparently isn’t always so lenient with his sentences … at least not with people of color.

During the trial, Brock Turner admitted to “digitally penetrating” his unconscious victim but claimed the act was consensual even though, again, unconscious victim. The jury found him guilty, but Judge Aaron Persky said jail would be hard on the white boy and so he gave him just a few days of punishment.

But Persky wasn’t so lenient with Raul Ramirez, a 32-year-old immigrant from El Salvador who was also convicted of sexual assault. Under a deal approved by Judge Aaron Persky, Ramirez will be sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The parallel cases, which include similar felony charges of sexual assault, show just how biased Judge Persky rules in his courtroom; white skin = a slap on the wrist; brown skin = three years.

Here are the facts in the Ramirez case:

He was arrested at his home in November 2014 after his roommate called 911 to say that he had sexually assaulted her.

She says Ramirez gave her a “love letter” and later entered her bedroom and “digitally penetrated” for about five to 10 minutes against her will; he stopped only when she began to cry.

When police arrived, he admitted to the police officer that he’d done something wrong and wanted to apologize.

So, there are differences: Ramirez knew his victim; Turner did not.

Ramirez sexually assaulted his sleeping victim in her home; Turner took his unconscious victim to a dumpster.

Ramirez, upon arrest, immediately admitted he’d done something wrong and apologized; Brock Turner never admitted wrong-doing and has never apologized.

The other differences … other than color? Ramirez pled guilty to a felony offense that does not have an option for probation or a lighter sentence, so Judge Persky’s sentencing options were limited.

But critics say that Persky, a former Stanford athlete himself, bent over backwards to make an exception in the Turner case, and that if he wanted to give Ramirez the same favorable treatment, he could have done so.

He chose not to … I wonder why?

Oh, yeah, you know, a Hispanic man who fingers a girl and knows it’s wrong and apologizes for it is a much more dangerous creature than a privileged white boy at an Ivy League school.

The petition to have Judge Aaron Persky removed from the bench can be found here.

Go there and sign it if you haven’t already.



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