Thursday, July 07, 2016

Random Musings

Last week I had a wisdom tooth removed. I am one of those Freaks of Nature that has, er, had, all of my wisdom teeth. They didn’t come in crooked or not come in at all, and they didn’t bother the neighboring molars so why take ‘em out?

But this one tooth was snuggled a little too tightly between bone and molar and had cracked so it needed to come out.

It took all of five minutes — after the topical anesthetic and Novocain shot took hold — and afterwards the doctor told me I had a high pain threshold and I said:
“Actually, what I have is an over-active imagination and I assumed the pain would be so bad that I would die in the chair. When that didn’t happen, well, it didn’t hurt at all.”
The next morning, as Carlos was leaving for work, he asked if I was planning on doing some laundry — I do the fluff-and-fold … see what I did there … at Casa Bob y Carlos — and I replied:
“LAUNDRY!!!!!! I had a piece of my head removed yesterday and you think I should be doing laundry??”
I’m still not sure how long I can play the Wisdom Tooth Pain Card ….
More visibility leads to more acceptance, dontcha know … A new study finds there are twice as many transgender adults in the US than previously thought.

Right now there are 1.4 million adults who publicly identify as transgender which is double the previous estimate of about 700,000.

♫ ♪ Come out, come out, wherever you are … ♪ ♫
Bernie Sanders was booed by House Democrats in a closed-door session Wednesday after he deflected questions about when he would formally back Hillary Clinton for president.

As I said on Viktor’s blog, Bernie needs to put on his Grown Man Pants and realize he lost and support, and work with, Clinton, to keep The Rump from The Oval.

In case he didn’t know, when Hillary lost to Obama in 2008, she came out and supported him, and campaigned for him, almost immediately.

Work with the party, Bernie, not against it.
Last week we watched Woman In Gold, about Maria Altman whose family’s art collection was stolen by the Nazis in WWII and then held by a Museum in Austria.

Altman — played by the delicious Helen Mirren — sued to get her art back and just one painting of many, the Woman In Gold, was donated to a gallery in New York for $135 million. The film co-starred Max Irons, top, son of Jeremy, in flashbacks as Maria’s husband. Lord, he is one dreamy lad.

Speaking of politics … we’re watching Braindead … about Washington politicos. Braindead. Perfection; though it’s about bugs from outer space that invade the brain causing all sorts of shenanigans. And it has two hotties: Aaron Tveit, bottom left, as Gareth Ritter a GOP lapdog — I won’t hold that against him ‘cuz he’s kinda cute — and Charlie Semine as hot FBI agent Anthony Onofrio, bottom right, … so sultry.

That’s all.
In spite of threats of boycotts, North Carolina’s lawmakers are going home after offering one wee fix to their Hate Bill.

The fix was to a provision of HB2 that prohibited anyone in North Carolina from suing for discrimination under state law. Lawmakers restored the right to sue for discrimination in but they made it harder than before, shortening the statute of limitations from three years to just one.

Sadly, that “fix” may not appease the NBA who may opt out of holding the 2017 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte next year.
Money talks … and it talks a lot in Raleigh, North Carolina, which stands to lose as much as $40 million in convention business from the state’s Bathroom Bill.

Some 16 trade associations or corporate groups have canceled gatherings in Raleigh because of HB 2, and Raleigh is no longer in the running for another 13 conventions, worth an estimated $2 million combined.

Bad for the people and economy of Raleigh, but maybe, just maybe, when the people realize their bigoted lawmakers are costing them money, they’ll vote them out and put rational thinkers in place.

Now, for a mini-rant:

This law, while even I call it a Bathroom Bill, is not just an anti-trans law. It took away all local LGBT protections in eight North Carolina cities.

It’s not just anti-trans, it’s anti-LGBT and it’s Hate. Remember that.
Marco Rubio will not attend the GOP convention.

Was he asked? He says he needs to stay in Florida and focus on his re-election campaign for the job he said he no longer wanted to do when he thought he had a snowball’s chance in hell of being President.

Hypocrite. And what’s sickening is that he’s leading in the polls meaning the people of Flori-duh don’t care that, while running for president, he stopped doing his job and said he didn’t even want to do it anymore, but changed his mind the minute he realized he’d be out.

Seriously, Flori-duh!
Over on Idiot TV … Fox & Friends recently reported that the Statue of Liberty might be a man. Uh huh.

A new Discovery Family program titled, “Secrets of America’s Favorite Places” suggests that French sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi used his brother as a model for the famous statue and not his mother as previously thought.

This is all they got? That the French played a joke on the US by giving us a man as the Statue of Liberty?

Oh Fox … sit down.
Lastly … we know The Rump has a man-crush on Vladimir Putin, but did you know he also admires Saddam Hussein?

Yup, while he does admit Saddam was “a real bad man” The Rump wishes that, like Hussein, we could kill terrorists and the families of terrorists:
“[Saddam Hussein] was a really bad guy. But you know what he did well? Kill terrorists. He did that so good. They didn’t read them the rights. They didn’t talk. They were a terrorist. It was over.”
And there are actual Americans who think The Rump should be President.


the dogs' mother said...

I think wisdom teeth issues should last, at least, a week! xoxox

anne marie in philly said...

"fluff-n-fold" - bwhahahahahahaha! I bet you do a good job.

yeah, bernie gotta give it up for hillary.

and YAYZ to all the conventions/ball games/etc. going elsewhere.

FL voters are assholes!

so what if the statue of liberty is a man? who gives a fat rat's ass?

and I LOVE the twitter; white men don't care about black men cause white men in congress be sucking the NRA's member!

Dave R said...

Can't believe you didn't mention Ryan Reynolds performance in The Woman in Gold, I thought he was rather good.

the dogs' mother said...

Breaking news from WA state.
The potty bill -
Joe O'Sullivan ‏@OlympiaJoe 1h1 hour ago BREAKING: I-1515 transgender bathroom initiative did not get enough signatures to get on WA ballot, says @secstatewa #waelex #lgbt

Helen Lashbrook said...

The Woman in Gold had me on the edge of my seat despite knowing the end of the story

I see that the email story is not going to go away; I've been told that Condi Rice and Colin Powell did exactly the same thing and no-one made a fuss about that!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Medically, I try to no to have an over-active imagination. I had my wisdom teeth out (all four) when I was 30. I thought, "No big deal!" Stupid me. Three were impacted. The oral surgeon was a butcher. I woke up in a recovery room coughing up blood. I had to go back the next day because the bleeding wouldn't stop. He hadn't even stitched one of the holes. I was awake for THOSE stitches and realized why I was bruised beyond belief. He was brutal in his handling of my face as he did his work. I was out of commission for days and unrecognizable even longer. Just tell Carlos you read my story and are suffering sympathetic recovery.

Bob Slatten said...

Me, too, about Woman In Gold.

My dentist, Dr. Will Beefcake [not his last name but it could be] was a gentle lover, er, tooth extractor.