Thursday, July 28, 2016

Random Musings

Scottie Nell Hughes is a yuuuuge Trumplodyte and recently spoke to CNN about Tim Kaine and his habit of speaking Spanish at Clinton-Kaine rallies.

She muttered a Mama Grizzly Bore™ Word Salad™ about [t]Rump and immigrants, how Kaine was trying to divide America, how, while she liked that he spoke Spanish, and how Melania [t]Rump could have spoken any of her five different languages — or at least what she remembered from her first semester in college before she dropped out to take her clothes off for photographers — and then said:
What Mr. Trump did, he spoke in a language that all Americans can understand. That is English. I didn’t have to get a translator for anything that was going on at the RNC this week. And I’m hoping I’m not gonna have to kinda start brushing up on my Dora the Explorer to understand some of the speeches given next week.”
I’m certain [t]Rump will never speak Spanish because the only Spanish he knows is ‘Taco Salad.’ And I imagine his minions would have rioted had he attempted anything other than monosyllabic English.

But what galls me is the fact that this illiterate tool, this bigoted fool, seems to think her multiculturalism is proven by the fact that she knows Dora the Explorer; it  shows just what a bunch of troglodytes, the Trumplodytes are.

Sit down, Scottie Nell, you are making a fool of the RNC … though, I guess that’s not a difficult task.
We have a nice kitchen, albeit the original 1970s kitchen, in our house. It’s quite large, with an eat-in area and an island, but we could use a new one … if only it was America’s Most Desperate Kitchen.

See, cuz then John Colaneri, one half of the HGTV ‘Desperate Kitchen’ team — the other half is his cousin Anthony Carrino — would come to our home.

Oh, I don't need John to redo the kitchen — though I’d be fine with that — but just to walk around in tight shirts and jeans.

Just sayin’.
Florida Governor, and ISBL Asshat of the Week winner, Rick Scott spoke at last week’s Republican National Clusterf**k and started off by expressing his “gratitude to everyone who has kept us in their prayers” after that mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando:
“We have received an outpouring of love and support from Americans everywhere. The American people sure stick up for each other. On behalf of the state of Florida: thank you, thank you, thank you!”
During his seven-minute RNC speech upon which he stood atop those 49 dead LGBT Americans, Rick Scott didn’t mention the LGBT community once; he didn’t even mention the fact that most victims were Latino.

But Latinos and Gays and the RNC … oh my.

He also didn’t mention the semi-automatic rifle the shooter used was legally purchased shortly before the shooting.

Nope, he instead blamed President Obama for the attack because Obama refuses to blame an entire religion for the actions of a few wingnuts. How many more dead LGBT Americans, Latino Americans, Black Americans, will there be before Rightwingnut, GOP Goose-stepping asshats like Rick Scott even mention that we exist?

Sit the f**k down.
Leave it to Hot Ginger Prince Harry to make a difference … just by taking a test.

His campaign to create awareness on the importance of HIV testing by taking the test himself on Facebook’s Live Platform, has led to a dramatic increase in the at-home HIV self test kits ordered from one of the UK’s leading HIV charities — in fact, almost 5,000 BioSure kits were sent out during Harry’s appearance.

Good on Harry; his mum would be so proud.
Traitor Trump now says he was only kidding when he encouraged Russian intelligence agencies and hackers to find Hillary Clinton’s thousands of deleted emails — after it appeared that the Russians are the ones who hacked the DNC — because, yeah, it’s a joke to ask a foreign government, notably the Russian government, to insert themselves into American politics to force a certain outcome.

I wonder if he’s elected and he gets his silky boxers in a snit and then pushes the button to bomb some country if he’ll announce later, as the piles of dead bodies are shown onscreen, that he was only joking.

He’s soooooo Presidential.

Two weeks ago the Family Research Council abruptly and quietly withdrew its support for the so-called First Amendment Defense Act [FADA] because there is new language in the bill that legalizes discrimination against married straight couples on the basis of “religious belief or moral conviction.”

Yup, as long as the law legalizes discrimination against gay folks on religious grounds it’s a good thing, but leave the straights alone.

Eff off.
Last Sunday after using the bathroom our toilet bubbled at me … in what I perceived as anger … or a threat. I mentioned it to Carlos and asked if maybe we should get the septic tank pumped and he basically said, ‘Meh.’

Cut to the very next day when the toilet bubbled angrily or threateningly at Carlos and suddenly he was all:
I was all:
‘Where have I heard that before, oh yeah, me, yesterday!’
Anyway, the septic tank pumper and his truck came out on Tuesday to pump the tank and the pumper, a man clearly in his late 60s or early 70s, maneuvered the giant truck through our tiny gate into the backyard, where he proceeded to then back it up and maneuver through the trees across the yard to the septic tank.

He dug a hole to the tank, pried the lid, shoveled around in the … well, use your imagination … and then pumped it all out. Then he drove the truck across the yard back through the trees, turned right, and then backed that mother of a truck through our wee gate again!

I couldn’t do that; nor could I pump a septic tank. And that proves the old adage that there’s a job for  everyone and everyone for a job, because if it was left to me, if I had to pump out the poo, the tank would just back up into the house.

And we’d just move.

SIDENOTE: The older, very Southern man, wasn't the least bit bothered to be working for a couple of queers. He told us how much he loved our yard, and said we had a beautiful house, and asked how long we lived here and how long we'd been together.

Times change.


mistress maddie said...

That woman at the beginning just looks plain annoying!!! And yes.....those two kitchen hunks can come here to redo my kitchen.....although if might be hard if were all in bed.

the dogs' mother said...

Loves your septic man. A septic tank may be in
our future if we move to a more remote area after
And my kitchen -- might send the hgtv guys running
in horror!! ;-)

anne marie in philly said...

DORA THE EXPLORER? siddown and STFU, white bitchcunt! and you have a stupid name too!

siddown and STFU also to rick scott, white man bastard!

wish we could clone prince harry. ginger...ummmmmmm.

the FRC - what a crock o horseshit!

up here, we call the septic pumpers "honey dippers"; don't ask me why. but that gentleman was a class act all the way.

kelly clarkson - suh-NAP, girlfriend!

"Tommy" said...

Southern Men... always... well should be always Gentlemen... I glad you had a good septic tank pump out experience

Our local septic tank company is gay owned...

Professor Chaos said...

Only in America is it a point of pride to NOT be able to speak multiple languages. So pathetic!

Professor Chaos said...

Kelly Clarkson - Damn! I knew there was something I liked about her.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I loved Kelly Clarkson's Tweeted response! I'll say no more here on Trump and his Idiot Minions. Your kitchen guy just doesn't do it for me (although I'm sure he's very nice). I am really beginning to admire the Ginger Prince!

Oh, yeah. Oh pooh! So glad you had the septic system pumped before something truly disgusting occurred! Have you noticed that the guys who pump out septic systems are never part of anyone's erotic fantasies? Poor guys.

MMTampa said...

Supposedly Rick Scott plans on running for Bill Nelson's senate seat. Since he spends millions to buy his political office it looks like he might be around for awhile. . . (insert long sigh)

Your yard is lovely as is your home.