Friday, July 29, 2016

I Didn't Say It ...

Pat Spearman, openly gay Nevada Senator, at the DNC:

“We have heard Donald Trump say that he would protect the LGBTQ community. But he is against marriage equality and has said he is all for overturning it. Donald Trump says that anyone can use any bathroom in Trump Tower but he still supports heinous bathroom bills and he would strip away the rights of transgender Americans. But his worst attack on us was his vice presidential pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Governor Pence signed a law that allows individuals and businesses to deny services to LGBTQ Americans, and he used religion as a weapon to discriminate. As a lesbian, that hurts me. As a person of faith, that offends me. And as a legislator working hard to create jobs, that baffles me.”

It’s because [t]Rump is a hypocrite who changes his opinion as the mood suits him. One more reason he should never get near the oval!
Christine Leinonen, mother of Orlando shooting victim Christopher Leinonen, at the DNC:

“It takes about 5 minutes for a church bell to ring 49 times. I know this because last month my son Christopher, his boyfriend Juan, and 47 others were murdered at a club in Orlando. Christopher was my only child, as I used to tell him, you can’t do better than perfect. … Christopher was a big Hillary supporter. That’s why I’m here. So that I can tell you about the day he was born. At the time I was a Michigan state trooper. When I went into labor the hospital put my off-duty gun in a safe. I didn’t argue. I know common sense gun policies save lives. The weapon that murdered my son fires 30 rounds in one minute. … One minute for a gun to fire so many shots. Five minutes for a bell to honor so many lives. I’m glad common sense gun policy was in place the day Christopher was born, but where was that common sense the day he died? I never want you to ask that question about your child. That’s why I support Hillary Clinton.”

How can anyone — except for the NRA and the NRA-backed members of Congress — not see what she is saying: common sense.
And Christopher might still be here.
Donna Brazile, acting Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, at the DNC:

“As a child, I lived through and survived the segregated South. I sat at the back of the bus at a time when America wasn’t yet as great as it could be. … As a grown woman, I saw the first black president reach down a hand and touch the face of a child like I once was, lifting his eyes toward a better future. But I have never, ever, in all my years seen a leader so committed to delivering that better future to America’s children as Hillary Clinton [and] I remember thinking immediately, here is a woman who doesn’t mess around. Steel in her spine, Hillary didn’t want to talk about anything other than how to make children’s lives better. That’s the Hillary I know. At her core, rooting her to this earth, is the belief that every child, black or white, rich or poor, native-born, immigrant, or undocumented, deserves the opportunity to live up to their God-given potential. … As a child I sat in the back of the bus. I was told, time and time again, that God’s potential didn’t exist in people like me. I’ve spent my life fighting to change that. And, from the first day when I met Hillary Clinton, I’ve known that she’s someone who cares just as much and fights just as hard.”

Can you imagine a Donald [t]Rump fighting for children? I mean, not the ones who work in the sweatshops producing his, and Ivanka’s, clothing lines.
Gregory Angelo, head of the oxy-moronic Log Cabin Republicans, on the GOP’s viciously anti-LGBT platform and [t]Rump:

“As far as LGBT issues go, he has actually been a leader on LGBT rights. He said he would be our friend as president and he said we live in a remarkable society where people ‘love who they love and express themselves as they are.’”

Hey, Gregory. Why not read everything he says about LGBT issues and how he’s changed his mind over and over and over again.
Better still, hand in your copy of The Gay Agenda and send back the Toaster Oven.
We’ll save those for LGBT Americans who can see and hear the hate in [t]Rump.
Stephen Colbert, Late Show host, responding to an audience member’s question about what he would like to ask Donald Trump:

“What does Vladimir Putin’s dick taste like?”



the dogs' mother said...

Mic.Drop indeed!

anne marie in philly said...

angelo is a disgrace; he would sell out his own brothers & sisters to the rump? WTeverlovinF!!!!!

stephen colbert - RIGHT ON! FUCK YEAH!

mistress maddie said...

Some great "SAYS" this week. My mother is very good acquaintances with Donna Braizle...have met her several times....she is so cool and actually quite funny.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Great people saying great things... Oh yeah, except for Gregory Angelo. There is absolutely no longer any justification for the existence of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The only thing Putin wants it a destabilised world wherein he can take over all the 'Stans, all the Baltic states and Poland - don't believe it? The Poles do; they have numerous militia dedicated to selling their lives dearly when the Russians come marching in.

So why do patriotic Americans support a man who is prepared to allow Putin to have his own way? The US military must be really concerned about the possibility of having the Strumpet as CiC.