Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mary Fallin Says The GOP Platform Isn’t Anti-Gay Cuz They Had a 'Gay' On The Committee

Mary Fallin, Oklahoma’s goose-stepping anti-LGBT bigot governor, wants y’all to know that the GOP platform to be introduced at this year’s Republican National Clusterf**k isn’t at all homophobic or anti-LGBT.

The platform says that marriage should still be between a man and woman; it says that children should be raised in “traditional” i.e. heterosexual, homes; it says that parents can force their LGBT children to undergo “conversion therapy”.

But, yeah, Mary, it’s not anti-LGBT is it? And she says, ‘No,’ because, … wait for it … there were “gay people on the committee” that drafted it.

Well, not gay people, but one gay person; that lone gay voice was Rachel Hoff Rachel. The first — and no doubt last — openly gay person to sit on the Republican Party’s Platform Committee.

Hoff, a delegate from the District of Columbia, offered an amendment to the Republican platform that would have encouraged a “thoughtful conversation” within the party on same-sex marriage; it received just 30 votes from the 112-member committee.

You know, because the GOP Hates fags.

But, back to Mary Fallin, who declared the GOP isn’t anti-LGBT because there’s one gay on the committee — out of 122 members so did she really have a chance — and then who also said:
“We’re an inclusive party; we’re a big tent. The main thing is: We think all human beings, no matter who you are, deserve respect, deserve equal treatment, and should be respected in all that we do, and be respected.”
Unless you’re a gay woman on the committee, or a gay person in America.

Or an immigrant.

Or a woman.

Or a Muslim.

Or the Middle Class.

Or an environmentalist.


the dogs' mother said...

Once again, the mind, it boggles.

anne marie in philly said...

or black or asian or jewish or hispanic or athiest or if you're poor or or or...

fallin can go piss up a rope, and then hang herself with it!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I just can't wrap my head around all this. And still the followers follow...

Helen Lashbrook said...

The GOP is moving so far right, it will fall off the political table