Tuesday, July 05, 2016

An Open Letter To Laura Ingraham

Dear Laura, 

I get that you’re a wingnut, bigot, hater, Fox News loon, but sometimes even you need to take a seat while the grown-ups talk.

I mean, what else are we supposed to glean from you after you say things like this:
“Oh we have a new transgender update for you as well. Oh no new transgender news for all of you who are bathroom-goers and public — you use public restrooms? I think a lot of people are going to be walking around with just Depends on from now on. They’re just not going to use the bathroom. Adult diapers, diapers for everybody. No one’s going to be going to the bathroom. You have little kids, there’s going to be no bathrooms. We’re just going to all wear Depends. Everyone will just be happy. Then you’ll be in your own bathroom. Everyone’s bathroom is just their own clothes, OK? So this is what we’re going to go to.”
Seriously, Laura, if the idea of a transgender person in the bathroom with you — and I doubt you could even tell who is trans and who isn’t — is so offensive that you’d rather stay home or where Depends then …

Stay home. And wear Depends.

Because the only danger that exists from having a trans person use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify would be finding some hate-filled bigot staring at them while they try to pee.

Seriously, which is scarier? A trans female in a stall, behind a closed door, doing her business, or a trans woman, or a woman even suspected of being trans, being stared down and scrutinized by some fear-riddled moron with nothing better to do?

So, Dear Laura, stay home, and leave the world to the rest of us who don’t live in fear, and lurk in bathrooms.

Slip on your Depends and pee away.

And shut up. 


the dogs' mother said...

I don't think Depends enjoyed that promotion one bit.

Dave R said...

That is so funny, seriously, read it twice, I mean it's like perfect stand-up comedy, I can't wait for the Saturday Night Live skit.

anne marie in philly said...

stupid blond bimbo bitch!

Raybeard said...

Oh, Fuck Ryan out loud! And you too, Laura!

Helen Lashbrook said...

What a hideous thing it must be to hate so much; your eyes are clouded so badly you can't clearly see what the rest of us see. Transgender people are no more likely to attack you in the bathroom of their choice than you are to request a new brain

Mitchell is Moving said...

Such incredible stupidity... She needs Depends for her head to catch the shit that comes out of her mouth.