Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ted Busiek: Another Way Of Saying "Obnoxious Jerk"

This story has roots in 1993, when Donald Trump complained to a Congressional Native American Affairs subcommittee that some reservations did not deserve to receive gaming licenses because “they don’t look like Indians to me.”

Yes, even back then he was a racist tool.

But this latest bit of Trump racist asshattery came to light when MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes brought it up in a broadcast last week, and that apparently inspired Ted Busiek, a 2016 Republican candidate for Massachusetts State Senate, to Tweet this:

Ted Busiek later insisted that he did not use the word “faggot” in a “hateful sense” but rather was using the term to show that the congressman questioning Donald Trump back in 1993 was “obnoxious” and “kind of … a jerk.”

Yeah, because we all know that “faggots” are obnoxious jerks.

Busiek went on to dig himself in deeper:
“It’s hard for me to get exercised over naughty words. You can insult somebody without being hateful.”
Um, Ted, you delusional dick? How would you feel if my word to describe obnoxious jerks was “Ted Busiek”? I mean, it fits, don’t get me wrong, but howsabout using your words and not labeling an entire subset of the country as obnoxious and jerk-ish?

What you said was hateful because, first off, the congressman is not gay — in case you didn’t know or are still living under a 1993 rock in Bigot-town, faggot is a derogatory term, especially when a Republican uses it — and so your use of the word doesn’t harm him, it harms me. And it harms people who find the word offensive and disgusting.

But, since I have learned that you oppose same-sex marriage — and, sorry, asshat, that ship has sailed — and LGBT adoption rights, it’s quite clear that you meant the use of the word “faggot” as a synonym for “disgusting” and “obnoxious.”

I, however, use words like “GOP” and “Republican” and “future failed senate candidate Ted Busiek” to talk about obnoxious, disgusting people.

So, Ted, honey, take a seat and let the grown-ups talk … and quit being such a Ted Busiek.


the dogs' mother said...

Oh. Dear. Come on, even school kids know that is a bad word.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

There is never going to be a time that it's okay to use that word.

I am really enjoying your blog and your common sense, although I truly wish there weren't these incidences happening at all. Anywhere.

Sadie J said...

Some people just can't help displaying their ignorance in full view of the world. And then deny that they did.

Dave R said...

For all you out there who think he's a delusional dick, you can always email him here: The more who let him know, the more likely what he is.

anne marie in philly said...

let's see...descriptive words that come to my mind are asshole, waste of DNA, dickwad, cocksucker on the DL, shitstain on society. also LOSER!

Mitchell is Moving said...

My new favorite insult. What a Tedbusiek!