Monday, July 18, 2016

Mike Pence Gives In To [t]Rump ... Changes His Positions ... Is Now Officially A Bottom

And here I thought the 2008 McCain-Palin ticket would go down in history as the biggest clusterf**k political ticket of all time.

I spoke too soon.

First, the [t]Rump announces his pick of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his choice to be Vice President, and then it’s reported that a few hours later, he asked his staff if he could have a do-over. Seriously. That would be a [t]Rump presidency; he’ll bomb some country and then as the body count rises he’ll ask if he could change his mind about the bombing.

But it’s not just [t]Rump who’s having a change of heart about Pence, it’s Pence rethinking [t[Rump, too.

Just twenty-hour hours after being announced as “the choice” to help [t]Rump take the white House Mike Pence has flip-flopped on his opposition to nearly all that [t]Rump has stood for this campaign season:
“You know, you shut the door, you tell the boss exactly what you think, but when the door opens, the job of the vice president is to stand right next to the president and implement the policy that he’s decided. And I’m prepared to do that.”
Is that so? Last December, when [t]Rump proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States, Pence called the idea “offensive and unconstitutional” but when he got the nod, he whimpered:
“I am very supportive of Donald Trump’s call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorists influence and impact represents a threat to the United States.”
Flip … flop. And then Mike Pence said he “absolutely” supported building a wall on the southern border and that “absolutely” Mexico would pay for it.

It’s like [t]Rump’s a ventriloquist and he’s shoved his arm up Pence’s ass.

And remember how many times [t]Rump has mentioned Hillary Clinton’s support for the Iraq war? Well, yeah, it turns out Mike Pence was also for it, so [t]Rump has picked a Veep who agrees with Hillary:
“Reasonable people can disagree about whether we should have gone into Iraq.”
But when push came to shove, Pence punted:
“I think that’s for historians to debate.”
Asshat say what? Oh, and Mike Pence was once for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive 12-nation Asian trade agreement that [t]Rump has regularly railed against and now it looks like he’s against it:
“I think when we elect one of the best negotiators in the world as president of the United States, I’m open to renegotiating these trade agreements.”
Yup, just one day into the race and Mike pence has sold all of his positions to the snake oil salesman in the bad rug; and, keep this in mind, if this Tag Team of Buffoonery should somehow win in November, flip-flopping dummy Mike Pence is a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Oh … and about that new Trump-Pence logo?

It’s gone, man. Just twenty-four hours after it made its debut to a TwitStorm of mockery about how it looks like [t]Rump was, um, giving it to Pence, the campaign has scrubbed the website of the logo. Oh, and [t]Rump’s website no longer even has a photo of Mike Pence.

I smell a do-over … 


the dogs' mother said...

Yes, who on earth came up with that logo and didn't see the result!

Sadie J said...

Your title was enough to have me giggling!

anne marie in philly said...

these two are so fulla shit!