Tuesday, July 21, 2015

UPDATE: Judge James DePiazza Has Stopped Being An Asshat

I won’t take all the credit, but maybe, just maybe, making the ISBL Asshat of the Week sparked a change down in Texas.

Last week I posted about Denton County Judge James DePiazza and his disdain for marrying same-sex couples and his idea that the couples had to sign a waiver saying they acknowledge that the judge doesn’t want to marry them before he performs the ceremony—see post HERE.

Well, faster than you can say Denton County Judge James DePiazza is an Asshat, his online forms for prospective couples have been edited, reworded, or even deleted.

His old form said this:
“Judge DePiazza prefers to NOT conduct same-sex ceremonies, but will not decline anyone who chooses to schedule with him.”
His new form says this:
“Judge DePiazza requires the same paperwork and conducts the same ceremony for all couples.”
His old form said this:
“While we may not necessarily agree with, we acknowledge Judge DePiazza’s position that he prefers to not conduct same-sex marriages and agree to not address the topic of same-sex marriages with Judge DePiazza before, during or after the ceremony.”
His new form says this:
“We acknowledge that this time is reserved for our ceremony only and not for conducting any other business.”
Judge DePiazza isn’t talking about the changes, but it’s clear that someone, somewhere, perhaps ISBL, perhaps not, gave him a little smackdown because all sections of the online forms for couples seeking to be married by this judge that declare his aversion to performing same-sex weddings, have been removed.

I like to think being called an Asshat had something to do with it.


Michael Dodd said...

While it would be nice to think that being called an Asshat would make people change, I doubt it is sufficient. But, oh! If only it were! I have a list ...

And I am probably on someone else's list, too.

the dogs' mother said...

Well that just makes it all easier.

BloggerJoe said...

maybe you got kicked by a radioactive mule and now have the powers of bestowing jackassdom on people so they understand how big a jackass they're being.

anne marie in philly said...

or perhaps he was told "either marry same-sex couples and comply with federal law, or go to jail. what's it gonna be, asshat?"

Bob Slatten said...

I think Anne Marie got it!