Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Snarkurday!

Kim Kardastrophe gave an interview to Rolling Stone, not because she’s a musician, but probably because Rolling Stone was trying to back their junk upon Kanye. I mean, why else would the Kash Kow grace the cover? And why would she use the interview to bash her brother, Rob?

She began talking, again, about his weight issues, and places the blame on his love for weed and video games, but, and this, like Kim’s, is a big but, she wants y’all to know that Rob doesn’t do meth because, wait for it, then he’d be skinny.”

It’s no wonder that last year Rob posted that picture of the Amy Dunne sociopath character in Gone Girl and compared it to Kim; and it’s no wonder that now Rob has blocked Kim from his phone. Next up, how to block the Kash Kow from his life.

I don’t get Vince Vaughn’s career. I mean, it started out good with Swingers but then dissolved into sidekick’s to Jennifer Aniston in rom-coms and second-rate Adam Sandler films that even Sandler wouldn’t do. So, it’s no surprise that rumor has it that Vaughn’s turn on True Detective could be his last shot at any kind legitimate Hollywood career and if he messes this up, well, The Internship Two, anyone?

And it doesn’t help that he has the reputation for being a douche, and feuding with co-stars, like Taylor Kitsch, though Kitsch denied it, while Vince never did. And now, ALLEGEDLY, Vince was a dickwad to a disabled fan who approached him at a Chicago Blackhawks game.

A witness — and it could be Lohan because she’s turning down jobs left and right … more to follow on that — says:
“Vince could see that the boy needed a walker and that it was a struggle just to get through the stands. But when he asked for a photo, Vince said ‘Not now, I’m concentrating on warm-ups.’”
The game had not even started and he couldn’t be bothered, so, yeah, he’s a douche, and if we’re lucky he’ll never be seen or heard from again.

So, Paris Hilton is a big fat liar. Yeah, I know … big news!??!

It seems the blond has-been threatened to sue the Egyptian production company of a show that pranked Paris by making her believe she was on a plane that was about to crash. Yeah, reality TV has sunk to a new low when the funny is making people think they’re going to die, but it gets worse because this is Paris and she’s a big fat liar.

See, Paris freaked out in the video, screaming and crying and whining, and claiming she knew nothing about the prank, except now comes word that she was in on it.

A document released by that Egyptian company showed they would pay big bucks to any American celebrity — and apparently, to them, Paris applies — who agrees to playact fear in a fake plane crash video:
“We will act as if something is going wrong and ask all passengers to jump off the plane!!! Of course everyone will panic, we’ll be having skydivers in disguise with us on board [and] we will monitor the funny reactions from our celebrity guest when they fear jumping off the plane.”
Most celebrities said No, but Paris jumped at the chance to appear in a video — I mean, she jumped at the chance to appear in a porn video to launch her “career” so why is this a shock?

When asked about it now, Paris who first denied knowing it was a prank, and threatened to sue the producers, now says she knew it was a joke but that the show took it too far.

Still, she cashed the million dollar paycheck. Hmmm, I guess she is still whoring herself out on video.

And now Lindsay Lohan … still outta work; still living in London, and apparently bouncing from one friend’s couch to another because she has no job and no prospects.

Well, she had a prospect: Burger King. And yet she turned down the chance to promote their new Chicken Fries, although maybe it was because she was supposed to wear a Spicy Chicken Fries box, smoke a chicken fry like a cigarette, and vamp a “spicy” monologue.

A BK insider says: “We were gob-smacked. It was making fun of her issues.”

But Lohan and her managers had other ideas, and, well, there was also the fact that Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s a movie star and began acting all demanding and shiz until BK reps told her to get lost.

Perhaps she’s waiting for Zaxby’s to call when they’re ready to roll out their Firecrotch burger?

And cue the new film Xenu and the Attack of the Thetans … cuz rumor has it that Tommy Grrl Cruise is ready to quit Scientology. And, if the rumors are true — and aren’t they always — Tommy’s bailing on the cult because of Suri.

See, he hasn’t seen his daughter with Katie “I Scaled A Fence To Get Away From Crazy” Holmes in many, many months because … ALLEGEDLY … the “Church” isn’t happy that Suri isn’t being raised by a bunch of LRon-aliens and so they have forbidden Tommy from seeing her. Now he wants out, and in a case of too bad, so sad for the cult, he’s taking his wallet and his special brand of crazy that the Scientologist’s just love, with him.

Or, maybe he’s just pretending to leave the church so Katie will let him trot out Suri on his worldwide Mission Impossible 64: It’s The Same Movie With A New Number premiere tour so that he looks like a normal dad and not some cult-loving loon?

Yeah, that’s what I think, too.

Will The View never learn? I mean, every single time the rumor mill buzzes that someone is leaving the show — and there have been 783 hosts since the show began — producers release a statement saying everyone is happy there and no one is going anywhere until … cut to a few scant weeks later and the rumor becomes fact.

This time it’s Rosie Perez, who was the subject of Leaving The View Rumors just a couple of months ago with producers saying it wasn’t so, only to now be forced to announce that… Perez is leaving The View.

Executive producer Bill Wolff says Perez has decided to focus on acting, which makes no sense because she did a film and a Broadway play while on the show—and she co-starred in one of my all-time favorite films, Fearless, so I prefer my Perez acting and not chatting on that Should-Have-Been-Cancelled-Long-Ago show.

And when will producers learn that these rumors are always proven to be true? I mean, the only real surprise departure was when Starr Jones waddled away from the table a few months ahead of her planned firing.

Oh Paula. Didn’t I ask you to go away a while ago after rumors of your rampant racism were proven to be true? Didn’t I ask you to shutter your Butter Palace and never be heard from again because, as a racist, you cannot help yourself? You should’a listened to me, Paula.

Last week Deen — or someone she calls her social media manager, AKA the unemployed actor who works on his laptop in the Starbucks on the corner of Racist and Bigot — Tweeted a picture of Dean dressed as Lucy Ricardo, along with her son dressed as Ricky and sporting Brownface because, well, Cubans are brown, In Paula Deen’s world. The picture was an old one, no doubt, said to be from an episode of her long dead Food Network show, but still …

We all know that Blackface is reprehensible, and that painting one’s skin yellow to portray an Asian is downright stupid, so why did Deen find it necessary to Shoe Polish her son’s melon so he could be Ricky?

And let’s not even discuss the creepiness of a Mother-and-Son dressing up as Husband-and-Wife because, well, who knows what goes on in Paula’s ButterBallroom.

Sidenote: Paula says she has fired her social media manager which means someone needs to pay for their own Mochachinos from now on.

So, the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Southern California is suing actor Tom Selleck for ALLEGEDLY stealing … water. Well, there is a severe drought in California, so I guess water thievery is the newest crime wave.

Selleck and his wife, Jillie Mack, are accused of stealing thousands of gallons of water from a fire hydrant near a construction site in Thousand Oaks, then using water trucks to transport the water to his 60-acre ranch and avocado farm.

The water district claims that a commercial truck sucked water out of a fire hydrant and drove it to Tom’s farm some 12 times over 18 months. The water district wanted Tom to stop stealing water, so they sent cease-and-desist letters to both of his homes in Southern California, but he kept doing it.

So, the water district paid a private investigator $21,685.55 to track and document Tom’s water-looting and now demand that Selleck pay them back and pay their attorney fees and give back all that water and shave off that ridiculous looking mustache.

Selleck, for his part, is staying dry-mouthed and quiet.

Good things come in small packages, and ill-behaving, self-indulgent asshatted divas come in the smallest package of all: Ariana Grande.

It seems — according to surveillance video — that Grande terrorized Woolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California along with her boyfriend/babysitter Ricky Alvarez, when they entered the store and began licking … yes, licking … donuts on the counter for which they did not, and would not, purchase. Then when one of the workers at the donut show brings out a new tray of goods, Ariana doesn’t lick them, instead she looks at the worker and says, and I quote:
“What the fuck is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.”
 Naturally her handlers, and that little diva needs a truckload of handlers, tried to walk back her disgusting behavior by saying she supports marriage equality … huh?
“She’s a proud American. Especially in light of all the recent progress for equality in our country.”
Then the bobble-headed, soon-to-be-over little brat issued her own non-apology:
“I am EXTREMELY proud to be an American and I’ve always made it clear that I love my county [sic]. What I said in a private moment with my friend, who was buying the donuts, was taken out of context and I am sorry for not using more discretion with my choice of words.
As an advocate for healthy eating, food is very important to me and I sometimes get upset by how freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences that it has on our health and society as a whole. The fact that the United States has the highest child obesity rate in the world frustrates me.
We need to do more to educate ourselves and our children about the dangers of overeating and the poison that we put into our bodies. We need to demand more from our food industry. However I should of [sic] known better in how I expressed myself; and with my new responsibility to others as a public figure I will strive to be better.”
First off, get thee back to school and learn how to spell and how to form a sentence.

Then shut up, because no one believe you behaved like an out-of-control bitch because you’re worried about childhood obesity. You care about one thing and one thing only: your reputation and career.

Somewhere, on a yacht in the Mediterranean, Mimi is howling with laughter.


mistress maddie said...

I absolutely can not stand that little ring-worm little bitch that is Ariana Grande. I just wanna pick her up and ring her out like a wet tea towel. And she is getting too old to wear her hair like a little girl. As punishment, I say we make her sit and eat donuts till she bursts.

Susan said...

What mm said, plus...what in the hell is her "new responsibility as a public figure?" Hopefully it isn't to test out food stuff with her tongue!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I wonder how long it will take for Tommy Gurrl to creep back to his Thetan friends - besides hasn't daddy been too busy making tenth rate films to see his daughter?

Fit Studs said...

Think I've heard of that word before... Thanks for the clarification. :) Btw, sharing with you: My man of the week - Kaylan Morgan pictures

the dogs' mother said...

Poor RobK.

anne marie in philly said...

so much garbage this week - a dumpster isn't big enough to hold it all! you need one just for the kash kow alone!

Blobby said...

I've never heard a thing that donut licker has done - so why would I (or anyone?) care what she has to say?

As for Rob Kardashian, he seems to be the only one with a brain in that family. And Ms. Holmes better be with that kid at all times if Ms. Cruise takes that kid out on a press junket - as that would be the last time Katie saw her. And yes, he's pretending to leave Scientology to appeal to more movie viewers for this last piece of crap (which I just found out last night I've been roped into seeing when it comes THAT is gonna happen!).

Professor Chaos said...

I liked Vince Vaughn in "Clay Pigeons." I hated "Swingers." And since Swingers, he's pretty much been doing that wise-guy smart-alec overconfident douchebag routine in every movie I've seen him in. Which is thankfully not many.

Honestly, the fact that that little airhead singer hates Americans makes me proud to be one.

Biki Honko said...

What a collection of entitled twits. Ariana Grande leads todays collection of twits by a large margin. I keep waiting for folks to realize she is a talentless diva, and ignore her.

Raybeard said...

Oh , please let it be that Tom Thumb really is leaving that cult (CULT! CULT! CULT!). It would be so very gratifying seeing the 'Church' reveal all the 'dirt' on what they know about him (e.g. that those rumours ARE true after all! - as if we couldn't have guessed) - as well as the cult (CULT! CULT! CULT!) losing their most prestigious adherent and conversion-mobiliser. I simply cannot think of a happier and more satisfying end to this extended saga.

Debbie said...

Ariana Grande is a little twit that needs to be bitch slapped and Tom Selleck SURPRISE SURPRISE is a DIE HARD REPUBLICAN. WHO, steals water from fire hydrants. NICE.