Wednesday, July 08, 2015

ISBL Asshat of the Week: SC Senator Lee "Not So" Bright

So, we’ve been watching our state Senators and Congressmen debate the Confederate flag this week; some want it down, some want it to stay put. Some — like Senator Vincent Sheheen … a democrat who represents  my neck of the woods — spoke eloquently about the flag’s place in the history of both the state and the country, but made it clear that the flag has no place in our future.

Others used their time in the spotlight to read from the Scriptures — do not get me started on that — while one senator used the time to introduce his family that was visiting from out of town; apparently he thought he was at a Congressional mixer and not a serious debate.
But one wingnut was especially wingnutty; and that would be the awkwardly named senator from the Upstate, Lee Bright.

Bright, a Teabagging loon who ran against Republican loon Lindsey Graham in the GOP primary and lost, and is now state co-chair of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign — so you know exactly what kind of nut he is — took  to the floor of the Senate this week and didn’t speak very much at all about the flag; he wants it to stay put, go figure, but talked instead about the sin of same-sex marriage.

Seriously. Now, to anyone with a brain firing on all cylinders, these two topics have no relation so why, in a discussion about the removal of a flag, would one choose to talk marriage equality? Well, Lee Bright claimed in a Facebook post that the recent marriage equality decision by the Supreme Court has taught us that “states’ rights are under attack more than ever” and he called the removal, or the efforts to remove, the Confederate flag a “Stalinist purge.”

Let me make this queer, Senator “Not So” Bright; the discussion is about a flag, not marriage equality, and you cannot equate the two. The fight for the rights of gay and lesbian Americans to marry, just as everyone else in this country can do, is not at all like the flying of a flag that represents a time in this country when Southern states took it upon themselves to secede, took it upon themselves to own people; took it upon themselves to defy the federal government, and then lose the battle.

Yeah, lose; the South lost. Get over it. And get over that flag being our heritage; I live here, and it’s not my heritage. As an American it’s part of our history — and should be remembered lest we make similar mistakes in the future — but it is not to be celebrated or admired and raised or flown on a government property that represents all of the people.

I know you’re a Teabagging loon, Senator, and I know you have pressed your lips firmly to Ted Cruz’ Teabagging loon ass but the time has come for that flag to come down from the statehouse and put in a museum where it belongs.


anne marie in philly said...

HELL YEAH! asshole (the loon, not you, dear bob!)!

Susan said...

His over-the-top blathering/ranting on the House floor made it onto the network news last night. When I saw who it was, I knew it was just a matter of time before he made your "Asshat of the Week" list. Amusing, yes, but oh, so embarrassing as an elected official!

The Cool Cookie said...

"It is one thing to be thought a fool, then to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." ~ Abraham Lincoln

jadedj said...

A worth recipient, Bob.

I have a flash for Mr. Lee not-so-bright. If there were a Stalinist Purge going on in this country...your sorry ass would have been one of the first purgees (sic) and you would not be here to mention it.

Has anyone else noticed the teabagger's inability to make relevant analogies. And it's not just this bozo...they all have this problem.

the dogs' mother said...

Some people should stay away from a microphone.

Biki Honko said...

Holy Kittens, this man is a loon. He is really unhinged about marriage being available to all US citizens. Hopefully the voters remember his tirade when election time rolls around.