Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Today In Stoopid: Man Fumes Over NBC 'Pride' Peacock

We’re still hearing from people who are upset about last week’s ruling by the Supremes—apparently the Supremes after Diana left, since there was no “Diana Ross and”?—with pastors deciding not to set themselves afire, and politicians calling on God to, I don’t know, rain damnation down on us all, but this guy really went off the deep end into the Stoopid Pond.

Don Stair was apparently so incensed by all the rainbows shooting out across the country and on social media — with people and groups and organizations using a new app to "Rainbow up" their profile pictures — that he went a little nuts.

Okay, he went a lot nuts because Don took his local Arkansas NBC station, KARK4, to task over flying the Rainbow flag in the shape of a peacock:

Yes, he actually thought NBC changed the color of their logo for marriage equality.  Of course, the station replied, trying to set the record, um, for lack of a better word, straight:

And then came the Tweet showing that NBC has been flying the Gay peacock Banner since the 1950s! Egads!

What’s next? Oh, maybe this:

Luckily, someone out there wanted to make Don feel a part of things and, well, they Gay Colored Don Stairs:

Seriously. What an idiot! Of all the hissy fits in all the towns and all the social media sites, he had to Gay Color everything.

Just when you think it cannot happen, something stoopid this way comes.


the dogs' mother said...!!

anne marie in philly said...

the NBC rainbow peacock was used in the 60s to tell people they were about to see a program in color (as opposed to black and white). yes, I am old and remember such trivia.

this dude is an asshole. AND he doesn't look any better all GAY COLORed up either!

Hot guys pictures said...

Hahahha, this guy that made him a profile picture as a rainbow did such a master move, it's amazing. :) Whatever, there will always be haters.

mistress maddie said...

Has he been under a rock???? Their peacock has been like that for ages. Maybe I can hook him up with my troll from Fridays post. No. Upon further though, all they'll do is breed more stupid.

Raybeard said...

It's going to be fun reading his apology. Yup, I know - WHAT apology?

jadedj said... the colorization of his profile photo. Brilliant!

Soooooo, has he been heard from since posting that dumb ass comment? I think not

Biki Honko said...

Bugs Bunny said it best, "What a maroon".