Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ISBL Asshat of the Week: George Lopez

Donald [t]Rump hates immigrants, that much we know, right? Well ,to be clear, he just hates the brown-skinned immigrants from Mexico and the Middle East, specifically. And he’s received a lot of flak for his racist views and statements, but comedian George Lopez took an asshatted turn in trying to take down [t]Rump for his bigotry: he resorted to his one brand of name-calling.

Last week, while performing in Phoenix, Arizona, Lopez comedian took on [t]Rump for his statement that Mexicans come into this country bringing drugs and crime, and how they’re rapists and stuff.

So what did Lopez do? He got the crowd to chant:
“Fuck that puto.”
Puto is a derogatory name in Spanish which can mean male prostitute, or is more commonly translated as faggot.

Fuck that faggot. That’s Lopez’s response to [t]Rump]s anti-immigrant bias; he fought bigotry with bigotry because there’s nothing worse than calling someone a faggot to put them in their place.

Howsabout not resorting to name-calling at all, and just point out that Donald [t]Rump is a racist bigot … and George Lopez looks like a homophobe. I mean, I don’t expect [t]Rump to know better, but I expected more from Lopez.

That’s why he’s the ISBL Asshat of the Week.


the dogs' mother said...


anne marie in philly said...

ew! george should know better than that!

Blobby said...

i don't like it, but can stand to be called 'faggot'. I'm not sure I can stand to have Trump be lumped in with that. Like the first insult wasn't rude enough - now he's got to be thrown in with us?

viktor kerney said...

No George, no