Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ISBL Asshat of the Week [Again]: Bobby Jindal Won't Talk Gun Control, Not After The Lafayette Shootings

Last week, John Russel Houser, a Teabagging, Westboro Baptist Church loving, racist, with a history of mental illness and arrests used a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun that he legally purchased to open fire in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater, killing two people and injuring others, but, Bobby Jindal, the asshatted Governor of Louisiana said this is not the time to discuss gun control.

At a press conference, which he also used as a campaign stop, Jindal was asked what, "as a leader" he would support to make it tougher for people with mental illness to gain access to guns.

He didn’t answer, saying there was a right time and a right place for that chat, but not on the heels of a mentally disturbed man using a gun in a movie theater. That is not the time, y’all. Jindal said now "is the time to focus on [the] victims."

Victims; those innocents who wouldn’t be dead or wounded if this country had a serious discussion of gun control, of background checks, of who has access to guns, of open carry laws. Yeah, let’s not talk about it, Bobby, Wait until it happens somewhere else, any minute now, and let’s still not talk about it.

But then he took a swipe at Barack Obama, as he did in the days following the Charleston shootings, saying:
"There will be an absolute appropriate time for us to talk about policies and politics, and I’m sure folks will want to score political points off this tragedy as they’ve tried to do off previous tragedies."
One reporter, though, was undeterred, and asked:
"You want to be the leader of not only the United States but of the free world. What would you do different to stop these things from happening all over the country?"
Jindal refused:
"I’m happy to talk about this but not here, not now. Now is the time to grieve, mourn, come together and show Lafayette’s resilient and we can get through this. I’m not shy of providing my opinions on any topic, but right now let’s actually focus."
Well, I say let’s focus on which candidates are in the pocket of the NRA, like Bobby Jindal, and which candidates enacted laws in their states allowing people to carry guns into churches and bars, like Bobby Jindal, and governors of states who cut funding  for the care and treatment of the mentally ill, like Bobby Jindal.

He doesn’t want to talk about because he holds some of the blame for what happened in Lafayette last week, and because he’s an asshat.


the dogs' mother said...

There are no words.

anne marie in philly said...

of COURSE he will say nothing cause the NRA is paying him under the table. these guvmint asshats need to grow some stones and tell the NRA to go to hell!

Sadie J said...

someone needed to tell him it was the perfect time.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The NRA hold too much power in the US and who handed that power to them? The Republicans