Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jeb ... He's Either Stupid Or A Liar, You Decide

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the GOP has Selective Memory Syndrome — that ailment where you forget what actually happened, and then try to spin history in a new, false, truth. 

I mean, we all heard how the conservatives blamed President Obama for the economic crash that happened before he was elected; remember that? Or, howsabout when Dick Cheney called the complete troop removal from Iraq a sign of success, which we now know, at least most people other than Dick Cheney and the GOP, is a complete lie.

And now, with Hillary Clinton the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, and with Donald [t]Rump decimating his own party with his idiotic, racist, and just plain nasty, rants, the GOP has decided to ramp up its fight against Clinton by bashing … her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

In fact, Jeb Bush, the apparent front-runner of the GOP, if you take out Donald [t]Rump, is even trying to blame Bill Clinton for the murder of those four Marines who were gunned down at that recruiting station in Tennessee:
“A law was passed, apparently in the Clinton administration, about whether, in recruiting offices Marines or other military should be able to have guns. Apparently it is prohibited.”
So, you see, according to Jeb, those Marines were prohibited from being armed under a Clinton administration law and that’s why they’re dead today except …there never was a “law” passed that pertains to this topic so Jeb is either stupid or lying.

There was, however, a directive issued by the Department of Defense that limited the carrying of firearms by military personnel to those in specific positions, such as those working for the Military Police. But that directive wasn’t issued under Clinton, but under the president before Bill Clinton, one George Herbert Walker Bush, Jeb’s daddy. So, again, Jeb Bush is either stupid or lying, in trying to blame Bill Clinton for something that happened during his father’s presidency.

Now, to be fair — and Jeb Bush certainly isn’t, nor is he intelligent — that directive had almost nothing to do with the presidency at all, but the last thing Jeb Bush wants to do is to draw attention to the failed presidencies of both his father and brother; two Presidents who saw us into three wars, three recession, and trillions of dollars in debt.

That would be the truth, and the Republicans can’t handle the truth so they just lie.

Or they’re just stupid.
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the dogs' mother said...

I think that their statements (politicians) are enough and nobody will bother to check. Also think they think we will blame the (liberal, conservative) media if they are caught out. And, my gawd, it is July of 2015!!!

Michael Dodd said...

Say it loud enough and repeat it 14 times and it becomes "true" in the minds of hearers. Or so the advertisers claim. And the Repugnicans are all about the market economy, right? The important thing is what you can get people to buy.

anne marie in philly said...

we need to keep exposing these lying racist bastards for who they are - LYING RACIST BASTARDS!

Susan said...

or both...

Helen Lashbrook said...

Interestingly the right in the UK blamed the left for the bank crash and world recession in 2008. It was nothing to do with the malpractises of the major banks of course, who are naturally back in action creating even more recondite financial packages to confuse the financially illiterate. Politicians are the same the world over, let the other side take the blame even if it is nothing to do with them at all.

Blobby said...

the problem is that no one calls him on it. No offense to ISBL, but you're not addressing the candidate in front of a full audience or in front of cameras with this 4-1-1.

For all the cries of a liberal media, the media lets these assholes get away with major misinformation all the time.

KEVolution! said...