Friday, July 10, 2015

The Daily Hypocrite: T. Waldmann-Williams: What's Good For The Goose Is Not Good For The Gander?

Some people are stupid … and I’m looking at you, Owen and Linda Golay, and you, too, T. Waldmann-Williams.

It all began when the Golays were given the responsibility of towing Marion County's GOP Party float in the annual Independence Day parade. On the float party members held signs for Iowa Republicans, including Senator Joni Ernst and Governor Terry Branstad, but Own Golay took it upon himself to decorate his vehicle with the Confederate flag.
"This was my whole point with this whole exercise: to represent a segment of American veterans that are being buried in history, three of which are buried in Marion County. We got a lot of cheers, thumbs up. Some people stood up and clapped. We got a lot of support for that." — Owen Golay
T. Waldmann-Williams, one of the co-chairs of the Marion County GOP had the chance to stop the Golay's vehicle before the parade, but she decided to let it go, calling it “freedom of speech."

Um, yeah, Ms. Waldmann-Williams? Not so much. I mean, sure, it’s Free Speech if the Golay’s fly that flag on their house, or paint their car like a Confederate flag, but they were out that day representing the GOP, and while some Republicans might agree with their love for that flag, it does not represent the views of all Republicans.

And sure, no one really said anything about it that day, but as the thought festered and the images stayed in people’s minds, controversy began to build until Ed Bull, the other co-chair of the Marion County GOP, renounced the decision to flay that flag; and Iowa Republican Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released a statement saying he was "utterly disgusted on multiple levels."

As for Governor Branstad, who had supporters riding on the float, well, he wasn’t happy either:
"That’s really disloyal to all those veterans from Iowa that fought to save the union and fought against that flag, so I just think that is most inappropriate. It’s disrespectful to all those Iowans from Marion County that went down to fight to save the union, so I’m totally baffled that that would happen in this state."
After Branstad’s statement, Ms. Waldmann-Williams called the Golays and asked them to resign from the central committee, and then she took responsibility for the incident:
"I’m accountable for what happened, I’ll say that up front. It hurts me that I caused so much division. It was essentially my decision to not request him to take it down."
And yet she did not offer to resign.

Hypocrite say what?
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anne marie in philly said...

ride off into the sunset, bitch; you shot your credibility in the foot.

the dogs' mother said...

Something that we won't hear about
someday soon.

Biki Honko said...

Sigh, what is it with people protecting that flag of racism and hate?