Thursday, July 09, 2015

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I’m guessing Josh Duggar is wishing right about now that he’d only molested his little sisters and not a friend of the family.

See, that non-Duggar victim of child molestation is preparing to file a civil suit against Josh Duggar, and that means that Josh, and his mommy and daddy, Jim Bob and Brainwashed Michelle, could be forced to give depositions and testify about Josh’s molestation tendencies; and they won’t be able to invoke their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination since the criminal statute of limitations has expired.


In addition, the Duggars are still under investigation the Department of Human Services and the fate of their reality show 19 Kids and Counting is still undecided.

But imagine that TLC continues to air the show — and how does that sound for a network, airing a show about an admitted child molester — the show might be on the air while the Duggars are fighting a lawsuit that exposes all of Josh’s secrets surrounding the molestations and how the Duggars covered it up.

Again … good.
Why, Whoopi, why? After the recent revelations about Bill Cosby, the serial rapist, admitting to drugging women so he could sexually assault them, Whoopi Goldberg continues to defend him:

“As a former Quaalude user, the ’80s were…They weren’t fun for everybody, clearly. We’ll see what happens as more information comes out. People will make judgments. I don’t like snap judgments because I’ve had snap judgments made on me, so I’m very, very careful…Save your texts, save your nasty comments. I don’t care.”

Look, Whoopi, this isn’t the case of one woman, or even two women, saying Cosby drugged them and raped them. It’s forty women and for you to make a snap judgment that they are not being truthful is just as crappy as you saying we’re making snap judgments about Cosby.

But then this is the same Whoopi Goldberg who once said some women deserve to be hit by men because they bring it on themselves, and who once said that Roman Polanski didn’t “rape rape” that thirteen-year-old girl back in the 70s.

Why, Whoopi, why?
And speaking of scandal, let’s talk Jared Fogle, the Subway sandwich guy whose home was searched, and whose computers were removed, in light of the recent child molestation scandal surrounding a business partner of his.

Fogle has been removed from any and all Subway advertisements, and yet no one, no one, has said he was involved in child pornography, possessed child pornography, or made child pornography.

And yet Whoopi ain’t standing up for him, and this is a guy who has not been accused by anyone of anything.
Macy’s. NBC. Nascar. Serta. The PGA. More and more people, and companies, are on the Dump [t]Rump Bandwagon after his disgusting racist comments about how all Mexican immigrants are rapists and thieves and drug dealers.

And now, Phillips-Van Heusen, the clothing company behind [t]Rump’s menswear line is kicking him to the curb:

“Mr. Trump and Macy’s have both addressed the discontinuation of the Trump business at Macy’s, which was the exclusive retail account for the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection dress shirt and neckwear collections produced under our license agreement for the brand. We are in the process of winding down this business.”

Uh oh, cuz they were supposed to remain in business together at least until 2018.

And then, to add insult to injury, The Simpsons took on [t]Rump:

Ouch. Now ... cue [t]Rump's War Of Words with a cartoon character.
Over the Fourth of July weekend I re-watched Schindler’s List, having not seen it since its theatrical release decades ago. And then we stumbled upon a film called The Railway Man, which takes place also during World War II, and is about a prison camp in Asia, where a British soldier was tortured.

That’s neither here nor there — although it was a good movie and co-starred my BFF Nicky Kidman — because there was a Brit actor named Sam Reid in the film. Hot and steamy in Singapore; hot and steamy.

I’m kinda enjoying Wayward Opines, a new show on FOX, about the future, or crazy towns, or, well, we don’t really know just yet.

But I’m also liking it because Reed Diamond is on it and her plays kind of a Silver Fox Hottie on the show.
I wish people would Google stuff before they post it; they might just find out what they’re about to post isn’t real and then they wouldn’t look like idiots.

Dinesh D’Souza, a rabid conservative, found that picture of Hillary Clinton and thought, since everyone was talking Confederate flag, to post it.

Well, first things first; if it was a real photo … if … it doesn’t mean Hillary supports the flag and what it stands for, ore that it was even her flag.

But, it’s a faked picture of Clinton and this professional writer, blogger, wingnut, couldn’t take the time for a 0.08 second Google search.

Sealed Air Corp., the creator of bubble wrap — which some folks, not me, love to grab and pop pop pop — has introduced a new packing material called iBubble Wrap.

And the bubbles don't pop. O. M. G. For some of you.

See, the iBubble Wrap isn't inflated until it reaches its destination, so it saves a lot of space in transit; buyers, like retailers that ship products, receive the rolls and then use a special pump to inflate the bubbles.

And even then you won’t be able to pop them. Breathe ….
I’ve heard of cutting off your nose to spite your face, but howsabout walking off your job just because you don’t want to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple.

And howsabout everyone walking off their jobs for that reason?

That’s what happened in Decatur County, Tennessee; every single clerk has resigned rather than issue a marriage license to a gay couple.

Of course, there were only three homophobic, backwoods, knuckle-dragging, bigoted clerks in the office, but still, Gwen Pope, Sharon Bell and Mickey Butler gave their notice — their last day will be July 14 — because of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriages.

Bye Felicia. And good luck finding a new job with the state — even if it is Tennessee — after you tell them you quit your last position because you refused to obey the law of the land because the Baby Jeebus told you not to allow The Gays to marry.

Maybe Chic-fil-A is hiring?
A few years back, am audio recording of Patti LuPone — onstage during her run in Gypsy — was released in which Miss LuPone stopped the show cold because an audience member was on the phone. And she had the member ejected from the show, refusing to continue until he, or she, was gone.

Now, imagine this happening during a La LuPone performance …

During a recent performance of Broadway's Hand to God, an audience member quietly made his way up onto the stage so he could plug his cell phone into what he assumed was a working outlet; it was fake … it was part of the set.

Double dumb.

Front of house staff quickly responded to the intruder, retrieving the phone and only delaying the performance by five minutes. And then, this asshat who can’t live without his phone, asked of the ushers, when he was given back his device, “Well, where can  charge it?”

Um, howsabout at home because you don’t belong out in public.

And though there has been no official confirmation of the incident, cast member Mark Kudisch—Pastor Greg in the show—took to Twitter on July 3rd to share:

"Dear general audience, an electrical socket that's a part of the set of the play is NOT for you to charge your iPhone.....just an FYI....."

Some people …


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sigh.... bubble wrap...

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oh lawhamercy! such to do's out there! and yeah, whoopi is nutso.

anne marie in philly said...

PS - sealed air is a customer of my workplace! :)

Biki Honko said...

Hubby brought me home some of that new fangled bubble wrap, cause he knows its my favorite thing, and was surprised when it wouldn't pop. Worst cheap gift ever!

Folks and their cell phones just need to give it a rest. The world won't stop if you don't sleep your phone for the length of a movie or play or concert. Besides if you ARE that important, you have people to answer your phone for you, out in the lobby......

The governors in the states with recalcitrant clerks should have them all arrested for not doing their jobs, and install temporary clerks until the next election cycle.

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you nailed it on Whoppi and Jared

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You always cover these things, nice job! ;)

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