Thursday, July 09, 2015

Kansas Governor Brownback Wants To "Mike Pence" Kansas

Is it me, or does anyone else think that the Republicans, especially Republican governors, will never learn?

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling saying The Gays can get married, and be recognized as married couples, anywhere in the US of A, Kansas’ GOP Governor Sam Brownback said he is considering a new religious objections law for the state.

Three words Brownback: Mike. Pence. Indiana. Any of that ring a bell?

Probably not because, although same-sex couples can obtain marriage licenses in all 105 Kansas counties, the state will not allow The Newlywed Gays to change their names on driver’s licenses, nor has Brownback said that these couples can file joint state tax returns next year; in addition, Kansas has not extended coverage to gay spouses under its health insurance plan for government workers.

Wake up, Brownback, it’s over; you lost. We all know that you foot-stomped and knuckle-dragged and head-snapped for over ten years about same-sex marriage—in 2005 the state Constitution was amended to allow discrimination—but the time has come to move on from that.

Yet still he is being dragged kicking and screaming into adapting to the law:
“You have to understand and get the mechanisms in place. We’ve had meetings with the attorney general, with the relevant Cabinet agencies. We want to make sure to do this right.”
Here’s how you do it: the law changed, here’s the new law, congratulations to the happy gay couples.

But Brownback will continue to fight, and continue to work against the LGBT community in Kansas, and try to get his own Religious Freedom Restoration Act up and running, and then he’ll be the scourge of his state, of businesses in his state, and the laughingstock of the entire country until he changes his mind and learns to accept that the times have changed.

Again, Governor Brownback: Mike. Pence. Indiana.


the dogs' mother said...

Watch out for tornadoes visited upon Kansas!

Biki Honko said...

I think we have a new adjective "pence".

But yeah, this Brownback has drug his state down to the point where the state can't pay its bills but wont let up on LGBT folks. This governor is a santorum pence of epic proportions.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Why do the voters vote in people who just waste their tax dollars?