Friday, July 24, 2015

I Didn't Say It ...

President Obama, being asked if Bill Cosby's Medal of Freedom could be revoked, and then commenting indirectly on the Cosby situation:"

“There’s no precedent for revoking a medal, we don’t have that mechanism, [but] I’ll say this. If you give a woman or a man, for that matter, without his or her knowledge, a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent, that’s rape. And this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape.”

It's a shame they cannot take the award back, but it was nice to see the President make it quite clear what he thinks about Bill Cosby.
Ted Cruz, Texas Senator and future failed presidential candidate, trying toi kiss two asses — John McCain and Donald [t][Rump — at the same time:

"I recognize that folks in the press love to see Republican-on-Republican violence, so you want me to say something about Donald Trump or bad about John McCain or bad about anyone else. I’m not going to do it. John McCain is a friend of mine. I respect and admire him and he’s an American hero. And Donald Trump is a friend of mine.”

I see it like this: Cruz kisses McCain booty so when he loses his bid for the presidency he can face McCain in the Senate. But he kisses [t]Rump rump in case ... and, yes, it's laughable, [t]Rump gets the nomination so he can schmooze a place in a [t]Rump cabinet.
Either way, Cruz is a loser ... to steal a favorite [t]Rump phrase.
Montel Williams, on Donald [t]Rump’s attacks on McCain's military service:

“Any military person out there right now who can hear my voice, you need to say, right now, to Donald Trump, knock it off. You just crossed a line. If you think you have the right when you never put on a uniform, when your children didn’t put on a uniform. You haven’t fought to defend this country. You think you have the right, to besmirch the character of a true American hero in John McCain. I have never agreed with John McCain’s politics. But I will never EVER EVER besmirch that man’s character. … And for you in any way to… make it appear like he did something wrong? You are besmirching the character of every soldier who has fought for your opportunity to run for president, there, Mr. Trump. … Say what you want about a lot of things, you have no right, whatsoever, to EVER besmirch the character of a soldier who put on a uniform, and you, punked out, and didn’t wear yourself.”

That is all.
Matt Bomer, doing press for Magic Mike XXL, growing annoyed by questions about the “gay community” being harder to please than the general population in terms of movies:

"I don’t know. I mean, why would I ever try to boil down an entire community into a yes-or-no question? Would you feel comfortable if I said ‘Are women harder or easier to please?’… One of the things, I think, you learn from this movie is that everybody is different and it’s all about communication and a dialogue between individuals. Get rid of the labels, get rid of the shame, get rid of the stigmas and just be your most authentic self."

Just because some people are gay doesn't mean we're all the same; or should be thought of as the same. We come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors and thought processes, so quit lumping us into one group, with apparently one brain.
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Mazie Hirono, the Democratic Senator from Hawaii, on being diverse:

"I bring quadruple diversity to the Senate: I'm a woman; I'll be the first Asian women ever elected to the U.S. Senate; I am an immigrant; I am a Buddhist. When I said this at one of my gatherings, they said, 'Yes, but are you gay?' And I said, 'Nobody's perfect.'"

I think I love her.
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Helen Lashbrook said...

Montel Williams has it right. Someone who dodged serving in the military has absolutely NO right to criticise one who served and fought for his country. McCain's politics aren't mine, but he's a better man than the Dump any day of the week.

the dogs' mother said...

Good man, Montel :-)

Sadie J said...

A+ for Montel. I agree-- I don't agree with McCain's politics, but I would never fault him on being a vet. And for Mazie. I think I like her!

anne marie in philly said...

montel - right on, right on, right on, brother!

in our newspapers yesterday - supposedly the (t)Rump went to UoPA's Wharton School of Business; no one remembers him even being there. the (t)Rump is a LIAR!