Tuesday, December 20, 2011

William Adam Lane Gets The Lesbian Take-Down

William Adam Lane is a bully, bigot and basher.
Last week, this feeble-minded douchenozzle saw a lesbian couple embracing outside a bar in Bellingham, Washington, and decided that he would become Captain Gaybasher. Or, Captain Ginormous Drunken Asshat. 
How could two women want to be like that, when they could be with Captain Angry limp Dick? Well, William Adam Lane wasn't playing that night.
He began yelling anti-gay slurs at the two women, and when they told him they weren't interested in his come-ons, he then decided that their car was also gay; for then  William Adam Lane smashed out the vehicle's windows. Take that, you lesbian car!
The two women fled......oh, wait. No, they didn't.
One of the women tackled 22-year-old, Captain Ginormous Homophobe, AKA William Adam Lane, and pinned him to the ground while she waited for help from a bouncer at the nearby bar. 
Yes, the bigot was brought down. By a woman. I sincerely imagine, as he was hauled off to jail, and looked at the lesbian couple, who were probably embracing on the sidewalk once again, he whimpered a little. Like a scared little girl who tried to bash a lesbian couple and found himself on the ground. And would soon become someone's prison bitch.
William Adam Lane was booked into Whatcom County Jail on investigation of malicious harassment, a hate crime.
Teach him to run his mouth.



Wonder Man said...

I hope she beat him good

froggy said...

I will have to question Madame Van, Mid-life Crisis Truck, Red Jeep and White Jeep....

Tivo Mom said...

The mental picture is so much fun. Love it!

Kyle Leach said...

Sometimes we win. The feeling is like great sex. Can we do it again?