Monday, December 26, 2011

Duluth Takes A Stand

Up in Minnesota, the land of Mussius and Missus Bachmann, there is a push to amend the state constitution to ban marriage equality. Now, to be fair, most peopel in Minnesota do not favor theis proposal, and now, little Duluth, Minnesota has taken a stand.Last week Duluth became the first city in Minnesota to take say that a same-sex marriage ban added to the constitution is just plain wrong. The resolution passed 6-2, with Councilors Jim Stauber and Todd Fedora voting in the minority, and  Jay Fosle left the meeting early and did not participate in the vote. After the meeting, Stauber explained his opposition to the resolution: “The good citizens of the state of Minnesota will all get a chance to vote on this. It’s a pretty simple issue, and people should be
allowed to vote. I don’t think City Council is the place to convince people whether to support this amendment or not. We’re here to conduct city business. People shouldn’t be badgered by this council to vote one way or another.”
But then Councilor Stauber gave his personal opion on the ban, saying, “I, for one, will not support any definition of marriage other than as a union between a man and woman.” 
Funny, the council needs to stay out of this, but then he makes a statement about it.
Councilor Jeff Anderson, who co-sponsored the resolution, said, “Equality concerns me. It will always concern me, [and] this directly affects and impacts people in the city of Duluth. This is about maintaining inclusive communities that will help us grow and thrive.”
Anderson believes Duluth’s future will be brighter if people view it as a welcoming city.
As it should be.



froggy said...

This bothers me - using a constitution to afford special privileges to a favored group.

Wonder Man said...

Yeah, Duluth

tamayn said...

Minnesota seems like a very confusing place.