Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Ain't One To Gossip, But.....

Oops, Gaga gets sued for being a monster employer.
Jennifer O’Neill, Lady Gaga’s former personal assistant has filed suit against Monster Mother ALLEGING that she was overworked and underpaid.
O'Neill, 41, worked for Lady Gaga for just thirteen months, even going on tour with her, and is now saying she put in 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime and is owed more than $380,000 for catering to Gaga’s eccentric demands around the clock. She is upset because she had to ensure "the promptness of a towel following a shower” and act as a “personal alarm clock to keep [Gaga] on schedule.”
Hmmm, you had to make sure there were towels in the bathroom and get Gaga where she needed to be, on time? Um, Jenny? Honey? Isn't that's what a personal assistant does, hon?
And for that she was paid $75,000 a year, and took it happily, though now she's saying she got no meal breaks or any sleep--for a year!??!--had to make sure Gaga had ‘the availability of chosen outfits’.
Poor dear. She got 75K to travel the world with a superstar, pick out towels, tell someone nap-time is over, and pick out Gaga's clothes. My.Heart.Bleeds.

Oh, this makes me sad. Not.
Mel Gibson, devout Catholic and adulterer, and Robyn Gibson’s divorce is finally final. They'd been married for 30 years, and she stuck by him through his cheating, drunkenness, anti-Semitic rants, arrests and affairs. So, why did it take so long to finalize this divorce?
Big money. see, Mel and Robyn didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, so she was legally entitled to half of everything he earned during their marriage. Some $800 million.
Robyn, the mother of seven Mel's eight, maybe nine, children, is walking away with half his fortune in what is considered the biggest divorce payout in Hollywood history.
And it seems like some of his wealth has already been transferred to Robyn, since she has recently taken sole ownership in two Malibu homes worth a combined $22.5 million. As for film residuals, Robyn is entitled to half of every future check Gibson receives for the rest of his life.
Four-hundred-million to spend thirty years with 
alcoholic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, homophobic, asshat Mel Gibson?
It should'a been more.

It looks like Sinead O’Connor wanted to outdo Kim Kardashian in the marriage sweepstakes, and she pulled it off. She stayed married to Barry Herridge for a whopping sixteen days.
Sadly, though, the marriage ended when Sinead went prowling the streets looking for drugs and new hubby Barry, who is a drug counselor, got a wee bit pissed off.
Sinead claims the marriage was sabotaged early on by the “interference of certain people” but then admitted Herridge had been left “frightened” by her mad search for cannabis on the night they got married: “We ended up in a cab in some place that was quite dangerous. I wasn’t scared--but he’s a drugs counsellor. What was I thinking?....Then I was handed a load of crack. Barry was very frightened--that kind of messed everything up a bit really.”
Ya think?

Lots of rumors going around that newly good girl--at least according to her probation report--Lindsay Lohan would be hosting a New Year's Eve party.
Cracky say what?
But then media-whore-mama Dina called all her gossip sites and said the truth was that Lindsay was turning down all sorts of offers to whore herself out as a party hostess because she's so newly clean and sober and wants to stay that way.
So, of course, it turns out Lindsay actually is hosting a New Year’s boat party in Dubai, alongside other A-list.....A-list, now that's funny...stars like Pamela Anderson and former cricket player Allan Lamb.
Sounds fun, eh? Lindsay, drunk and high off her ass on a boat?


Jim said...

Ringin' in the new year with Lindsay baby ...
Gotta' love it!

Have a safe and Happy New Year Bob.

BosGuy said...

Bob -
Have a wonderful new year's eve and wishing you all the best in 2012.


R.J. said...

Have a Happy New Year!

mistress maddie said...

Oh Bob, a whole year of gossiping and you still aren't tired of it!!!!! And that's why we love you. Happy New Year dear!!!! said...

Jennifer O’Neill is an ungrateful twit that will soon be able to add “lost lawsuit v. Lady Gaga” to her resume.

Sinead O’Connor has always been a drug-addled dipshit. We can add her name to the list of people that take marriage for granted yet don’t take it seriously.

You rock! Can't wait to read your wisdom throughout the new year!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Happy New Year!!!!!

Postcards from Hell's Kitchen

Sam said...

Not my GAGA!!! Off with her Head!!!!
Here's to a healthy and happy New Year for you and Carlos!!!
Love you, love your blog!!!

tamayn said...

Nothing says A-List like a woman whose entire career depended on running along a beach while bouncing correctly and a former sports star for a sport that doesn't exist outside of England and some former English colonies. Happy New Year La Lohan. May you finally get your life on track. We won't hold our breath, but well, yeah.