Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rumblings Grumblings Rants

More Real Housewives of New York madness. Kelly Killoren Bensimon--the crazy behemoth in a micro-mini one--has lost her latest modeling job. Poor botox-Kelly, boyfriend-beating-Kelly, Bethenny-hater-Kelly, Arthritis-is-cute-Kelly is "no longer modeling for Saks Fifth Avenue. She was the face of the spring catalog but hasn't booked any further gigs with them."

Of course, Saks says this has nothing to do with her arrest for smacking down her boy-toy, but I say, Kelly, honey, karma is a bitch....and so are you.

Now, I say this from a secure location, because that bitch scares me!

I never saw X-Men, or X-Men 2....3.....4....however many they've made, but, um, I may have to see Wolverine, starring the going-to-be-nekkid-in-the-movie, Hugh Jackman and his Huge Ackman.

Just sayin'.

I am not one of those people that believes cops are the bad guys, and that you can't trust them, but this whole Ryan Moats story chaps my hide.

Rushing his family to the hospital, 26-year-old NFL running back Ryan Moats rolled through a red light and, after they arrived at the hospital, a Dallas police officer pulled their SUV over outside the emergency room. Moats and his wife explained that her mother was dying inside the hospital. "You really want to go through this right now?" Moats pleaded. "My mother-in-law is dying. Right now!"

Officer Robert Powell, 25, was unmoved. He spent long minutes writing Moats a ticket and threatened him with arrest. "I can screw you over," the officer said. "I'd rather not do that."

His mother in law passed away while the officer forced Moats to remain in his car as he checked for outstanding warrants.
Now, I'm all for law and order, but even i know, if I see someone run a red light and a stop sign or two, while heading into a hospital, that maybe there is some kind of emergency. And then this gung-ho police officer refuses to listen to the Moats, to the nurses who came out and asked that Moats be let go, to a security guard who asked the same question, and even to another Dallas police officer who arrived on the scene.

All this hoopla over Michelle Obama touching the Queen irks me, because, if you look at the video, if you read the story, you'll see that it was the Queen who placed her hand on Michelle's back first, and then Michelle put her arm around the Queen,

She didn't put Her Royal Highness in a chokehold people! It was a gesture of kindness.

Build a bridge and get over it.

Star Jones was on Oprah this week talking about being fat and being a liar. Remember when Star started dropping the pounds faster than you could say Burger King Double Whopper? And she said she did it through, ahem, Pilate's and portion control...and then a few years later she admitted to gastric bypass, and NO Pilate's or portion control?

Well, on The View the next day the gals were talking about Star, and Barbara was saying she wishes her well, and Elizabeth was saying how good Star looks, and then all eyes turned to Joy, who said:

"I think I'll bypass making any comments!"

Loved it!

This one may get me killed.

Madonna was denied the right to adopt a little girl from Malawi. And I think it may have been a good decision. Just because someone has buckets of money doesn't make them a good parent. Just because someone is famous doesn't make them Mom Of The Year.
"The decision came down to residency requirement and the fact that the judge believes she was being well taken care of in the orphanage," said Zione Ntaba, a spokeswoman for the Malawi Justice Department. "For the Malawians, the fact that the child is at an orphanage, is being taken care of and is going through the school education system, that does qualify as the best interests of a child."

I am not a fan of Madonna. I know, bad gay man. Bad, Gay. Man. But I have watched her career and it seems to me that Madonna does nothing without publicity, and I don't mean because she's some superstar to some people so she is always in the news, I mean, everything she does is for publicity.

The Sex Book was publicity.
The documentary was publicity.
The English accent was....well, because she's nuts.
The adoption of the David was for publicity.
And I think her attempts at adoption again are for publicity.
Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.
That's all.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I loved old Madonna when she was wierd and edgy. Now Old Madonna (significant use of capitals) is just wierd and crazy. Just cause you live in Enland and married an English guy doesn't mean you grow a British accent! You're from Michigan, bitch! Get over yourself!

frogponder said...

You just have to pray for the kids Madonna has already. Hope they survive the maelstrom.

Joy said...

I've never liked Madonna. Never.

A friend from Australia said that about not touching the Queen applied to her subjects, not Michelle Obama. Besides, as you pointed out, the Q opened the door to that affectionate display.

Wonder Man said...

I love the Charlie Brown pic

Beth said...

I'll just comment on the Madonna thing (although I agree with your other rants, too). When she adopted David, I felt the same way as you do. It all smacked of publicity to me. (Oh, and you forgot her Kabbalah stuff in your list of publicity stunts.)

What really irritates me about all that is the attitude she goes in there with--I'm a star, I've got tons of money, all you poor people must do my bidding. I was quite pleased to hear the ruling. I guess they DON'T have do her bidding, do they?