Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Really, Newt, You Need To Stop And Think....And Then Keep Quiet

Lat week on Fox News--I don't watch, but I hear--Greta Van Susteren interviewed former House speaker, thrice-divorced, newly Catholic, presidential wannabe, and all-around-moron Newt Gingrich regarding President Obama's release of Bush-era torture memos.

I posted it below, and It's worth a listen.

The whole time, Gingrich talks but says nothing; he won't come down one way or the other unless he can blast the president. He uses phrases like "debatable" and "I don't know" and "I think," sounding quite 'presidential' all the while.

He says this: "releasing the documents last week was a big mistake" and then says this: "I want to see the United States run the risk, at times, of not learning certain things in order to establish a standard for civilization."

Then, when asked what he thought of waterboarding, if it is, in fact, torture, Newt said, "I think it's something we shouldn't do." Of course, then he changed direction again and said that "[l]awyers I respect a great deal say it is absolutely within the law. Other lawyers say it absolutely is not. I mean, this is a debatable area."

Is his middle name Waffle?

Asked if waterboarding violates international law, Gingrich 'played' dumb:

VAN SUSTEREN: But you said a minute ago that it was torture, waterboarding...
GINGRICH: No, I said it's not something we should do.
VAN SUSTEREN: OK. Is it torture or not?
GINGRICH: I -- I -- I think it's -- I can't tell you.
VAN SUSTEREN: Does it violate the Geneva Convention?
GINGRICH: I honestly don't know.

He then says he is on the same page regarding torture as John McCain, but McCain, to his credit, has said that waterboarding is torture, and a "horrible torture technique" at that. McCain went on further to say that it is not debatable; it violates both U.S. statute and international treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory.

Newt? Go away. You aren't presidential. You're posturing. You're old guard, old, stupid guard who doesn't know that it's long past time to pack your toys and go way.

Here's a snippet from the interview:


Berry Blog said...

He was on today show this morning and jusst as wishy washy as ever.He did admit that the last administration wasn't able to get anything accomplished and to his credit Obama is.However, as usual he speaks with multi forked tongue in a code no one can read.

frogponder said...

>this is a debatable area<

OH! For heaven's sake.

Look, Sparky, own it. Either it is RIGHT or WRONG.

If this guy runs in '12 I gonna hurl the remote through the tv, I've threatened to for years and he will push me to it, I swear!

Beth said...

What a tool.

Hey, here's a dream ticket for you. Gingrich and Palin! A dream ticket for Dems, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, he's a dinosaur. Time for him to go the way of the rest of them.