Saturday, April 25, 2009

C'mon New Hampshire....Get With It

I keep hoping for the Six By Twelve--the six northeastern states in the good old US of A passing marriage equality--but I am disappointed to learn that the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee is recommending that the Legislature reject legalizing gay marriage.

For now.

Let the gays wait, they're used to it.

The committee voted 3-2 this past Thursday against a bill that passed the House last month. Committee Chairwoman Deborah Reynolds, a Democrat, said she doesn't think New Hampshire is ready for gay marriage.

Not ready?

Well, then get ready New Hampshire. This is discrimination pure and simple and it is equality denied to every single LGBT American.

Not ready.

And then we have the Repugnant response. They, ahem, believe that marriage is an institution created and defined by God as between one man and one woman.

So I ask: where exactly did you read "God's definition," because marriage has not always been one man and one woman. Are you saying that God has changed his mind? Was he wrong when men were marrying women by the dozen? Was he wrong when you didn't marry outside your faith? Maybe he was misled into thinking that an interfaith marriage was an abomination?

When, exactly, did God speak to the Hew Hampshire Repugnant Party?

A pack of bigots, the lot of them.

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Mark in DE said...

What does she mean by saying NH is not ready for marriage equality? What are the facts, signs, or conditions she used to determine this? What are facts, signs, or conditions that would indicate NH WAS ready?

I bet she doesn't have any answer to any of these questions.