Saturday, April 18, 2009

From Dad In Smallerville

I got this little tidbit in the old email box from my Dad, who lives in, is it possible, Smallerville, Oregon. Dad's a pistol, which is, I guess, where I get it. So, without further ado, here's my Dad:

Just finished listening to a Senator from Texas stating that they were the most Patriotic Americans in the United States. They were tired of the US government taking over the sovereignty of Texas instead of letting Texans handle their own state's business, etc. Also, the thought of seceding from the Union??? So, let's give this some thought, as we should to all ignorant rambles by our politicians..........

1. The US Government would have a real problem....the fence between Texas and Mexico would have to be changed to one between Texas and the United States. We would have to keep those illegals from Texas out of the US.
2. FEMA and other US Government agencies could no longer be called upon for hurricane damage, tornado relief, fire suppression, and policing the border, etc.
3. The US would have to impose laws to require Texans to have a passport to enter the United States (and the rest of the US citizens would need one to enter the country of Texas.)
4. Positive to #3 above: This would mean that the former US President, George Bush, no longer recognized as a previous President, would also need a passport to enter the United States. The right of which could be revoked, permanently.
5. All those Texans, who presently receive Medicare or Social Security benefits would no longer receive those benefits, or perhaps they would have to secede from the country of Texas and once again become American citizens.
6. All the military bases presently residing within the borders of Texas would have to be closed.
7. All the oil refining capabilities of Texas would no longer be a part of the United States which would require the United States to become more energy efficient by using solar, wind, and water energy.

Needless to say there are many more thoughts on this subject. If you have any, add them to the list and email them to me. The human mind is a wonderful thing. Thanks


frogponder said...

Every once in a while Eastern Washington wants to say goodbye to Seattle and join with Idaho and maybe Montana for good measure. We are an uneasy purple state.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Perry is an idiot. No one is seceding, except his hairline. What an asshat. He should be impeached!

Bina said...

I love your dad! How clever he is. He should send it to the Texas Governor! LOL

Beth said...

Your Dad rocks! This has been my topic for the past couple of days, too, and from what I've found, there is no legality in secession. Miss G pointed out that any state could secede illegally, but if people stop and think about it (as your Dad did), is it really such a great idea?

It's political posturing, and Perry is very very wrong to be encouraging such rhetoric in any way, shape, or form.


blucyn said...

Hey, appreciate your comments on my rambling (course it is better than overtaxing my index finger). I just wish my wife Sue was here with me, her comments would be choice to say the least and she was a Texan.

Bob said...

Thanks all....and for the record, that last response is from my Dad in Smallerville!

Joy said...

I think he's on to something there! I wish Molly Ivins and Ann Richards were still alive, too. I'd love to hear what they have to say about all this. Molly Ivins had some choice phrases for Governor Goodhair, as she called him.

Good to meet you, Bob's dad! :-)