Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take Note, Pelosi

Representative Jared Polis, the newest openly gay member of Congress is considering introducing an omnibus LGBT rights bill in the U.S. House. Yeah, Nancy, the new guy doesn't seem to want us to wait like you do (see HERE).
Polis is looking at the possibility of introducing a bill with "several aspects of the equality agenda" and believes other lawmakers would be interested in his ideas for LGBT legislation.

He would like this omnibus legislation to tackle hate crimes, employment non-discrimination and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell;" the proposed measure would also contain a clause requiring the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships legalized by states.
Polis emphasizes that no bill has been introduced and no decisions have been made about the provisions the bill might contain, and is quite aware that any new legislation containing language regarding marriage rights is a "'more difficult battle."

Juan Ahonen-Jover of eQualityGiving.org, who supports the introduction of this new legislation, said ""We think, as Martin Luther King said, that a right delayed is a right denied. So therefore, it's very important that we take leadership to introduce equality in all of our federal legislation. What the community wants is no more rights but no less rights than everybody else has."


Mark in DE said...

Very interesting. I wish him success. I know you'll keep us posted on this as it develops.

Wonder Man said...

Yeah for Jared!