Thursday, April 16, 2009

Karma Baby

This morning, while having breakfast and listening to the news, I heard a rather remarkable bit of information.

Apparently the Deptartment of Homeland Security is looking into the formation of radical conservative groups bent on terrorizing the United States because we had the audacity to elect a man of color as president. These so-called fringe groups are threatening terrorist acts against their own country in response to both the economic crisis and the fact that there's a Black man in the White House.

They're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore.

But how are the Conservatives responding? Are they wanting to take a hardline approach to domestic terrorism? Are they asking Homeland Security to look closer at these fanatic radicals?

No, they are pissing and moaning over the idea that Homeland Security is calling the groups "radical conservatives" because it gives conservatives a bad name, equating the conservative movement to terrorists.

Let's ponder that a moment.

Wasn't it the conservative movement who, after 9/11, wanted to round up all the Muslims in America because Muslims were terrorists? I remember all those rightwing-nuts back then yammering and stammering over the Muslim population in America and how we are all at risk because "they're out there....plotting."

Well, conservative ladies and germs, the shoe is on the other foot, and you don't like the fit. You have a one-sided view of the world, an us against them view, and now, according to reports, you're them. And you don't like it.

What goes around.......


Beth said...

Yes, I heard this yesterday. Karma's a bitch, eh? ;)

Mark in DE said...

Instead of calling them "radical conservatives", they should be called terrorists. Remember folks, terrorists don't have to be born outside the USA. Just ask the Washington DC area residents who lived through weeks of terrorist sniper attacks in 2002.

Ray Ray said...

Timothy McVeigh, anyone? Call them what they are: a bunch of crybabies who I hope the Feds smack down so hard if they take any measurable steps to commit terrorist acts on American soil.

Ultra Dave said...

Well can't say I'm surprised. Look at what they have been calling us for years! I think the chicken has come home to roost.