Monday, December 04, 2017

Bruno Langley Says He Molested Four Women Because He Plays Gay On TV

Bruno Langley, the former star of an English program called Coronation Street is accused of molesting for women at a Manchester music event—though he was charged with just two counts of sexual assault—after a night of drunken debauchery.

But, to be clear, according to Bruno, it wasn’t the drink that made him do it, and it was the fact that maybe he’s a sexual predator, it’s because … wait for it, it’s so good … he was stressed out over playing the first gay character on his TV show.

Oh, yes, he did.

And Bruno Langley avoided jail after admitting both offences. Let’s try that again … he was accused of assaulting four women, he was charged with two counts of assault, he plead guilty to both counts and … no jail.

His lawyers told the court:
“Something happened that night, most possibly in relation to the character he was playing.”
No, he attacked and assaulted four women in his off time which has nothing to do with playing gay.

Instead of jail term, Langley must complete a 12-month community order and submit to a curfew … because sexual predators only attack after dark? He was also ordered to pay £250—about $336.00—to his two victims, and must sign the sex offenders' register for the next five years.

At trial, after his lawyer’s absurd assertion it had to do with playing gay, Langley apologized to his victims and revealed he is getting help for a drinking problem.  

He did not say if he was seeking help for his predilection toward molesting women and then blaming it on playing a gay character on TV.

The good news is that Langley’s conviction means Langley will probably not work in the TV industry again.

Good. Blame that on playing gay, asshat.


Deedles said...

This is such udder bull hockey!

Kirk said...


anne marie in philly said...

what the what? FUCK YOU! cut off the nuts!

the dogs' mother said...

Well... it is unique, if crazy, maybe the lawyers were drunk at the court appearance?

Dave R said...

Can't just admit that he's a drunken asshole, can he? He has to find someone or something to blame.

Raybeard said...

By the same token, a gay man claiming his assault of hetero men can be explained due to his being 'made' to 'act straight' (through family, religion, keeping his job etc) against his nature. I can just see a court saying "Oh, understood. That's okay then!"

Helen Lashbrook said...

If this bod were that upset by playing a gay man on Corrie, then why didn't he speak to the producers about it? All soaps have shown, at times, harrowing story lines (I have no idea whether this bod's story line was harrowing - I have never watched Corrie or any other soap) and the production companies know about helping people who need help! Those who feel they are entitled go about doing what they want, because they are entitled, in this case by this bod's fame to do things normal people don't!